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Shaun Hunter | 04.22.2019

Earth Day is an annual day of events to bring attention, ideas, and community to the idea of living a healthy coexistence with the planet, not to mention that those of us in cold places also know that this late April date means that warmer days and outdoor adventures are just around the corner!

This Earth Day, we've compiled some gift ideas from makers and companies who have put their creative ingenuity into action and have come up with products that should not only be on your radar for gift-giving, but might also be useful for yourself for the upcoming summer months.

Now is a great time to find inspiration in creative makers and their eco-friendly projects. If you're looking for an eco-friendly upgrade to your own gear stash, we hope this list points you in the direction of some new gear and accessories that you can feel great about supporting.



Repurposed skateboards are reborn as accessories, like these earrings and belt buckle. Shaun Hunter.

MuKee Designs

Following his Peace Corps service in the West African country of Gambia, Derek Keenan noticed the contrast in the amount of waste created in the U.S. compared to Gambia, where few materials went unused and discarded. Using his past as a skateboarder, he began to gather broken and discarded skateboard decks and fashioned earrings and belt buckles from them. Thus, MuKee Designs was born. Items are carved out of seven-ply skateboard decks, and more recently MuKee has incorporated laser inscriptions to customize their accessories, and now they are collaborating with artists.


Repurposed from bike tubes, Vaya bags are upcycled from the waste New York-area bike shops. Shaun Hunter.

Vaya Bags

After growing up in her father's workshop, where he made by hand leather crafts and clothing from waste scraps of material, Tianna Meilinger started crafting her own waterproof durable messenger and hip bags from used bicycle tubes and sailboat awnings. She calls her project line of active and functional bags Vaya Bags, and they are adjustable, durable, high quality, and handmade using old bike tubes from several New York-area bike shops that set them aside for her.


Upcycled and beach-ready, Fair Harbor repurposes plastic bottles for swimsuits. Shaun Hunter.

Fair Harbor Swimsuits

Designed by East Coast surfers, Fair Harbor Swimsuits manufactures men's and women's swimsuits from recycled polyester derived from discarded disposable plastic drink bottles. Mixing fabric created from spun recycled plastic polyester with organic cotton and spandex to maximize feel and durability, Fair Harbor produces a diverse line of styles geared toward those looking to squeeze the most out of the summer beach season.


Like Fair Harbor, Arvin Goods creates clothing from plastic and cotton scrap. Shaun Hunter.

Arvin Goods

On a mission to get back to the basics, Arvin Goods manufactures socks and underwear using recycled and upcycled materials. Incorporating fibers created from old fishing nets, plastic bottles, and industrial cotton scrap, Arvin Goods creates clothing and headwear that is luxuriously soft and comparatively ethical.


Colorful and unique, Refresh Glass is a great way to keep glass waste out of landfills. Shaun Hunter.

Refresh Glass

Maybe it's just us, but there's something so satisfying about holding a nice bottle of wine in your hand—the shape, the colors, the way the light plays through the glass and liquid. Refresh Glass has set out to preserve that feeling by creating sets of drinking glasses made from used wine bottles. Glasses come in 12-ounce and 16-ounce sizes, are available in an assortment of colors, and can be customized with a laser etching of text or design onto each glass. Their wine bottle vases have an equally classic look as well.


Like Refresh, Rescued Wine Candles repurposes wine bottles as candles. Shaun Hunter.

Rescued Wine Candles

On a similar note, Rescued Wine Candles takes cleaned and finished used wine bottles and fills them with hand-poured soy wax. Their wine and craft beer bottle candles are scented with flavors found in different varieties of brewed drinks. They also donate a percentage of their profits to animal rescue organizations, so you can double up your support of worthy causes.


A specialist in carbon-neutral backcountry energy, BioLite has a solution for many needs. Shaun Hunter.


BioLite creates a range of alternatives to gear powered by non-renewable energy. With a max output of 330 lumens, their super-lightweight HeadLamp 330 fits firmly to avoid slippage, has versatile lighting modes, and most importantly is USB rechargeable. Pair it with the SolarPanel 10+, a foldable portable solar panel weighing just over 1 pound, capable of charging your portable electronic devices in real time or acting as a battery pack to charge your phones, tablets, or lights.


COOLA creates products that meet Hawaii's strict marine environment standards. Shaun Hunter.

COOLA Suncare

For those of us with lighter skin, we know that giving the gift of effective sunblock can be the equivalent of giving the gift of adventure! COOLA Suncare products prioritize both healthy skin and a healthy environment, offering a variety of mineral sunscreens made with organic plant-based ingredients. Meeting Hawaii's strict marine-friendly sunblock standards, COOLA's sunscreens and sport tints are available in cream and spray form and come in a variety of SPF strengths.

With experts in several DIY disciplines, MAKEetc is a one-stop shop for creative upcycling inspiration. Shaun Hunter.

MAKEetc Craft Books

Maybe what appeals more than giving a gift is giving the information for one to produce their own creative projects. The books Made With Salvaged Wood and Pallet Wood Projects For Outdoor Spaces by Hester van Overbeek make up concise collections of easy-to-follow instructions with great visuals and images on how to build your own projects from salvaged wood and wood pallets. Van Overbeek gives detailed directions on making furniture, shelves, vases, benches, and birdhouses, and many of her projects can be made with basic woodworking tools and abilities. But that's just the beginning. At MAKEetc Craft Books, you can find a wide range of DIY salvage projects from experts in several fields, like knitting, sewing, and mixed media.


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