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Tyson Gillard | 03.07.2017

Deuter Kid Comfort 2 specs

  • Weight: 7 lbs 3 oz
  • Volume: 980 cubic inches
  • Size: 28 inches x 17 inches x 13 inches
  • Load Capacity: 48 lbs

Where to get it

$190-250 • Deuter | Amazon | Backcountry | Moosejaw | REI

The bottom line: The Deuter Kid Comfort 2 allows parents to comfortably transport children and gear in a variety of situations. With a total weight capacity of 48 pounds, this pack is designed to take children of various sizes and weights, and it is durable enough to stay in the family as children grow. Features such as a built-in headrest and optional sun shades and rain covers make the ride comfortable for kids.

The Deuter Kid Comfort 2. Photo by Tyson Gillard.

It's not too often that you use an outdoor product nearly every day...with our Deuter Kid Comfort 2, we do. This pack comes with the family on nearly all of our trips, from hikes on the weekend to our daily walk around the neighborhood. There is ample room for the extra essentials any parent needs when traveling with children, including diapers and wipes, any extra clothes, water and snacks, and the all-important toys and stuffies. And if you are willing to pay a little more you can purchase a sun shade that slides into the pack and covers the child's seated area; an optional rain cover that fits over this sun shade is also available. When the walks become a little long, children can take naps using the built in headrest. While it is easiest to take the pack on and off with the child inside and with the help of another adult, the pack has a stand that unfolds at the bottom, and this can be used to help a single parent use the pack in a pinch.

We got the pack as soon as we thought our daughter, Mae, would be old enough to handle the bumpy ride of a hike, and that just so happened to be when she was around 14 months. Honestly, we didn't test out too many other packs. I've owned a Deuter pack in the past (after living in Germany for two years) and loved it. Osprey makes a few comparable kid carriers, but the price point is just a bit higher.

I love this pack because it has stood the test of time from when Mae was 14 months and weighed a little over 18 pounds to now, when she is almost three years old and weighs in at 34 pounds. The pack has remained comfortable for both Mae and me. That being said, the weight of both the pack and my daughter together is too much for my wife. While the Kid Comfort 2 is a clear choice for trails, it's really proven itself in a variety of circumstances, from walks around the neighborhood with the dog to flights with long connections in between. And, as a bonus, the pack counts as a "stroller" for flying, so if you're traveling, you don't have to pay extra to check-it at the airport!


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