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Tam McTavish | 02.10.2019

Dynafit Beast Hybrid Pant specs

  • Weight 534g
  • Material: Dynastretch 3 Layer, 
  • Fit: Sportive

Where to Buy

$349.95 • Dynafit | Amazon | Moosejaw | Backcountry | REI

The Bottom Line: As someone who always runs too hot finding just the right pants that offer weather resistant without getting too sweaty is a real challenge and the Dynafit Beast have exceeded all my expectations.


Sending cedars like a boss in the Dynafit Beast Hybrid pants. Tam McTavish.

These pants have been used in the Coast Mountains of the Pacific Northwest on above-zero days with rain down low and wet snow up high. They have been bootpacked up couloirs during fast and light days, charging to an objective at near max power, and on many days of telemark skiing with backcountry alpine touring in between. I wear them with a midweight (161 gsm) polyester base layer. I have worn them on a day with temperatures at -10 degrees while sitting on a resort chairlift. They have gone ice climbing on a wet, cold, -2-degree day. I am a person who runs hot once I get started moving, but am very cold when not in motion.

I was very pleased to see these come in a reasonably bright colour, something that is hard to find in technical men’s pants. I find black takes the energy out of photos, and worse it makes it hard to track when tree skiing or in miserable weather. The Beast could be brighter, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The weather resistance is super. Even in heavy snow that changed to rain, never once did I get wet in my legs. I was very impressed. Better yet the breathable material. There are leg vents, but I have yet to use them. The pants breathe as well as a lightweight softshell. It's easily the most comfortable pant that I have worn for moving quickly.

Dynafit also seems to fit me well. The pant is fairly long with a high waist, so it keeps the breeze and snow out well. There are two Velcro tabs that allow you to tighten up the waist. With a heavy pack, I do find this rather uncomfortable; the tabs are thick and dig in. You can pull them over the hip belt, but they often ride down. For big traverses, these pants may have to stay home.

Otherwise, they move well. The stretch allows for a dynamic range of movement while ice climbing and telemark skiing. I was very impressed.

The Beast comes with two large pockets. They aren't great for your hands, but they have waterproof zippers and are more than large enough for maps. The right hand pocket also has an interior pouch, perfect for an avalanche beacon and a very comfortable place far away from your cell phone. The lower pant has two clips for a tight and a loose fit around your ski boots. This comes in very handy on bootpacks where a really tight fit is ideal to stop the snow from riding up.


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