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John LaGuardia | 05.14.2019

Morsel Spork specs

  • Length: 10.5 in. or 265 mm.
  • Weight: 0.8 oz. or about 23 Grams
  • Colors: Available in blue, red, green, midnight, and gray
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • For both right and left handers
  • Constructed of hard and polypropylene plastics with FDA food-safe elastomer
  • Resists scratching, staining, and tearing
  • 5-in-1 design: spoon, fork, scrape, cut, and stir

Where to buy

$12.95 • Morsel Spork | Amazon

The Bottom Line: The best spork that you will ever own. It's really that good.


Extended length and a unique rubber edge make the Morsel Spork the best in class. John LaGuardia.

One thing that I have learned from reviewing outdoor gear is that there are many great products on the market. However, I have also realized that there are some products that really stand out and provide enormous value to the consumer. Morsel Spork is a satisfying eating instrument. I never thought I would be so positive and excited about a spork.

Fork it. Spoon it. Scrape it. That's the Morsel Spork tagline, and it just about sums it up. Take Morsel Spork with you for any meal while camping, backpacking, picnicking, or eating lunch while on the job.

My overall experience with Morsel Spork was out of this world. As I used this product, I was reminded of how my father-in-law scrapes every last bit of sauce from his spaghetti bowl using a piece of bread. I was always impressed by this skill but could never achieve the level of cleanliness that he could. He made me feel like the bowl could go right back on the shelf for the next meal without needing a trip to the dishwasher. With Morsel Spork, I now have a fighting chance.

The first thing I noticed about Morsel Spork was the unique rubbery edge that hugs the entire outer edge of the spoon's surface and extends most of the way down the handle. It has a grippy feel and acts like a spatula, scraping those last little bits of food from a bowl. I was impressed how well I could scrape up all of the yogurt out of a popular yogurt manufacturer's container.

The shape of the spoon on Morsel Spork is also very unique. The designer thought of everything, incorporating every angle that you could possibly encounter when spooning or scraping food. It helps the user get into tight corners, while also enabling clean scraping on lip edges, flat edges, and odd shapes.

The spoon has a feel like no other when eating from it. The rubber is soft to the touch, and both the concave and convex sides of the spoon are comfortable in the mouth. The concave side holds just the right amount of food, delivering the perfect bite.

The fork gives you a pretty standard feel that a normal fork has. However, you can also use the rough edges of the fork to cut some stubborn food items while out on the trail.

To set your mind at ease regarding cleaning, Morsel Spork is dishwasher- and boiling water-safe and BPA free.

Pro tip: When eating with the spoon, you will feel a sort of exit point on the straight edge side. If you rotate the handle toward your cheek while eating, it gives your bite the perfect finish. It seemed strange to write that but I'm that excited about getting you to try a Morsel Spork. You won't believe how great it truly is until you give it a try.

Morsel Spork provided equipment and associated materials for this review. All photos are a courtesy of LaGuardia Adventure Photography.


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