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Are you in the mood for an exciting adventure or would you prefer a relaxing one? At Sambo Creek Canopy Tours and Hot Springs, you can choose both. This special destination in the tropical Honduran rainforest combines a mile-long zipline and soothing hot springs with spa amenities in the open air near the Caribbean.

You may need to gather courage to try a zipline, but you’ll be glad you did! Your guides look completely comfortable attached to a wire high in the air. They glide on the zipline as easily as if they were walking on the ground. Your adrenaline is pumping as you’re fitted for a harness and clipped onto the zipline. Standing on a treetop platform high above the Honduran jungle, you bravely step off. Suddenly, you’re gliding smoothly above the trees, soaring through the air and yet safely secured to the zipline. What a thrill!

With nothing but sky and the cable above, there’s a magnificent bird’s eye view of the Nombre de Dios National Park below you. Landing safely at the first platform, the guide fastens you onto the next zipline and off you go again. You feel the gentle tropical breeze as you glide through the air. In the distance, you spot the Caribbean Sea. You continue along the 16 cable course, each section of zipline bringing you closer to the ground. One amazing zipline has you flying through the sky for nearly a mile!

As the lowest zipline brings you safely to the ground, remember, the adventure isn’t over yet. You enjoyed the exhilarating zipline; now, it’s time to relax. Get a calming massage in an open-air thatched roof hut, followed by a good-for-your-skin mud bath. There are natural hot springs bubbling in the midst of the beautiful Honduran jungle. The steamy water combines with a cool water creek making it the perfect temperature for you to slip into pools of the soothing water for the ultimate in relaxation. It’s the perfect way to end your day of adventure.

Sambo Creek Canopy Tours and Hot Springs is east of La Ceiba on Highway CA13. Watch for a small sign that directs you to turn onto a dirt road; follow the road to the parking area.

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Thrilling zipline! Excellent guides. Delightful hot springs. Soothing outdoor massage.



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