Pets allowed
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Elevation Gain
100.00 m (328.08 ft)
Trail type
1.60 km (0.99 mi)
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Grábrókargígar National Monument is comprised of three volcanic craters called Stóra (‘big’) Grábrók, Litla (‘small’) Grábrók, and Grábrókarfell. They are in an area known as Norðurárdular in the western region of Iceland and have been protected since 1962. While Litla Grábrók has mostly disappeared due to mining operations prior to 1962, Stóra Grábrók rises over 100 meters (328 feet) above the landscape. This set of craters is believed to be younger than 3,600 years old, and a constructed pathway allows you to get up close to this interesting geology and view the surrounding land from the edge of the former Grábrók Volcano.

Grábrókargígar is a popular tourist stop adjacent to Route 1 (the Ring Road) and about 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Reykjavik. You will see a small parking area, some information signs, and a wooden staircase leading up the mountain. Climb the stairs and continue upward to a small sitting area. From here, enjoy the surrounding lava fields and gaze down upon an old structure used for sorting sheep. Continue to climb the stairs to the rim of the crater. Litla Grábrók, although disguised by the landscape, will be visible to your left. You will reach a platform where the path splits with more stairs to your left and right. Pick a direction and ascend to the top of Stóra Grábrók. Proceed in a circular walk around the rim of the crater that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Norðurárdular Valley and the Grábrókarfell crater to the west.

These craters are a part of the Ljósufjöll volcanic system that belongs to the Snæfellsnes peninsula. They are the most easterly craters in the system with alkali olivine basalt lava flows that cover a large portion of the surrounding Norðurárdular valley. The goal of protecting the Grábrókargígar craters is to preserve the remarkable scoria cones protruding from the landscape. The area’s vegetation is vulnerable, in particular moss vegetation, so please respect the roped-off areas and remain on the marked paths.

For public transportation to Grábrók, take the Route 57 Strætó bus, which travels between Reykjavik and Akureyri twice per day. Tell the bus driver you are going to Grábrók and get off at the Bifröst stop. From here, there is a 2.5 kilometer (1.5 mile) walking path that leads to the craters, which are easily visible in the distance. Nearby, the Hreðavatnsskáli guesthouse offers nightly accommodations and has a restaurant as well as a shop.

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Incredible and easily accessible geology.


Very popular.

Trailhead Elevation

344.49 ft (105.00 m)


Big vistas
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