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Namaskard is a relatively vast area filled with mud pots, fumaroles, mud pools, and hot springs—but not the kind you’d readily hop into. Near to Lake Myvatn, the ground here is extremely mineral rich, offering an unbelievable color palette. The mineral rich earth is also very acidic, resulting in almost no life save for exactly one small plant eking out a living despite all odds.

Ropes and guard posts show the safe path to follow, so one is not able to accidently land on a thin section of the earth’s crust. The whole area is relatively flat, and there is an opportunity to ascend a bit to visit hot springs or walk along the path of fumaroles. A quick loop around the area will take 20 minutes or so, but a slower pace is recommended to truly take it all in.

The olfactory toll of this geologist’s playground is impossible to ignore. Everything reeks of sulfur, which the local Icelandic will tell you is a bit nostalgic. As a tourist, feel free to spin it in a positive light, but depending on your tolerance for the stench of rotten eggs this location may pose a challenge. The area remains heavily toured, however, and it is truly an incredible sight to behold.

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Amazing colors. Geologist's playground. Beautiful layout.


Very busy. Strong unpleasant smell.

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