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If you’re searching for a wilderness lodge that offers amazing wildlife safaris, where you’ll see more animals than people, then Mvuu Wilderness Lodge in Malawi is your answer. The small, landlocked country of Malawi is located in southeastern Africa, bordered by Tanzania, Mozambique, and Zambia. In southern Malawi, you’ll find Liwonde National Park, a 220-square-mile haven for wildlife and home to Mvuu Wilderness Lodge.

The name, “Mvuu,” means hippopotamus in Chichewa, the native language of Malawi. The lodge’s main building houses a lounge and dining area under a thatched roof. An outdoor swimming pool is available near the lodge. The guest accommodations are eight safari tents on raised decks with private verandas overlooking a secluded lagoon. All of the tents have bathroom facilities. The tents have assorted bed sizes, three of the tents have plunge pools, and one tent is a “wildly” romantic honeymoon suite. The limited number of guests provides for a peaceful, intimate feel to the accommodations and the extraordinary safaris.

You can choose to take a day- or night-driving safari, a walking safari, or a river safari. Each one is unique and offers a completely different perspective. You should choose all of them.

  • The driving safari leads you into the wilderness, where you’re likely to see a variety of animals from impala and kudu to reedbuck, wart hogs, and yellow baboons. You might even see some of the newly reintroduced cheetahs and lions.
  • The walking safari puts you in the midst of the wildlife. An armed guard accompanies the safari, so you can safely wander through the tropical plants, watch the sable antelope eyeing you, and even stand on a gigantic termite mound.
  • The river safari provides an opportunity to see the menacing Nile crocodiles from the safety of a large wooden boat. You’re likely to see the park’s namesake, hippos, on the banks of the Shire River or floating in the water in groups called pods; they seem to smile as you pass by. Watch for the enormous African elephants feeding along the shore; their presence adds an air of majesty to the vast wilderness.

Birdwatchers will delight at the multitude of beautiful and unusual birds on all the safaris.

Malawi is located south of the equator and has a mostly tropical climate with a hot, summer rainy season from November until April. Many of Liwonde National Park roads are cut off during this time due to flooding, but guests may take a 30-minute boat ride to get to the lodge. The best time to visit is during the dry season from early May to late October.

For adventurers traveling with children, the lodge has a child policy. Children must be 6 years or older. Children from 6 to 16 years old must share a room with an adult. The minimum age for boating activities is 6 years and for walking activities is 12 years old.

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Magnificent wilderness location. Wonderful hospitality. Amazing walking, driving, and river safaris.


Dangerous wild animals.

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Central African Wilderness Safaris

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1 (265) 177-1393


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