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Jill Sanford | 08.01.2017

There’s more to L.A. than strip malls and concrete jungles, and with a little effort, you can discover some pretty scenic natural wonders in and around the city. It’s a surprisingly awesome place for waterfall hikes, especially this year with all the precipitation we have seen out West lately. Here are 10 of our favorite waterfall excursions around the city:

  1. Millard Falls: This 50-foot waterfall is accessed via a 1.5-mile hike through wildflowers and succulents.
  2. Coal Canyon: This 6-mile hike along the Big Mo Trail leads you to a 20-foot cascade.
  3. Trabuco Falls: Located near Holy Jim Falls but considerably less crowded, this hard to find waterfall features a 1.2-mile hike in and out.
  4. Eaton Canyon Falls Hike: This popular 3.5-mile trail is well loved by locals for the picturesque 30-foot falls that drop into a waist-deep pool.
  5. Aztec Falls: This amazing swimming hole is located along the Pacific Crest Trail, and visitors have to hike about a mile along a moderate section of the trail to find it.
  6. Holy Jim Falls: L.A. locals love this 4.25-mile hike to the serene waterfall known as Holy Jim.
  7. Escondido Falls: This 4.3-mile trail takes you to the tallest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains.
  8. Sturtevant Falls: This hike is just under 4 miles and one of the most popular day hikes in the Los Angeles area.
  9. San Antonio Falls: A little farther away in the San Bernardino Mountains, this waterfall is accessed via a short 0.7-mile uphill walk.
  10. Big Falls: More of a walk than a hike, this 0.8 mile jaunt to Big Falls is a fun and quick adventure that packs a ton of fun into a short experience.


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