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Kristi Parsons | 04.18.2018

If you're looking for a place where you can take a take a stroll with wildlife in the morning, go for a trail run in the afternoon, hit the honky tonks by midnight, and then roll out on Saturday morning for a camping trip among waterfalls, Nashville, Tennessee, has everything you've ever dreamed of and more. Within two hours of the city you'll find a wide range of adventures and never-ending opportunities to explore.

Set in the middle section of Tennessee, Nashville is the center of what is known as Tennessee's Land Of Waterfalls, making it possible to explore multiple waterfalls within just a day. You'll find trails with some of Nashville's biggest celebrities and stars roaming the paths, and you'll find hikes of total seclusion. Check out the adventures below to sample just a small taste of all that the area has to offer. 

1. Radnor Lake: Located just outside of Nashville, Radnor Lake is a Class II State Natural Area made up of over 1,300 acres. Radnor is the perfect destination for escaping the city for the day. The resident owls, deer, river otters, bobcats, beavers, coyotes and more may make you forget that Nashville even exists. However, if you start to feel yourself missing the city skyline, explore the trails long enough and you'll discover a perfect view of the Batman Building. Yes, the Batman Building.

2. Cummins Falls State Park Hike: Take a day trip out of the city to explore Cummins Falls State Park and take a dip in one of Tennessee's most popular swimming holes.

3. Montgomery Bell Trail: Hop on the Montgomery Bell Overnight Trail with friends and the pups to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You'll pass by two of the park's three lakes and have access to three overnight shelters. Take advantage of the opportunity to fish, bike, swim, or go boating as well.

4. The Blue Hole: You'll find this wet and lush trail tucked away in Rock Island State Park. Cool off in the summer as you make your way along this unique path and then spend time exploring the park's stunning waterfalls. If your taste buds need an adventure, grab brunch or dinner at the Foglight Foodhouse for a different yet amazingly delicious experience.

5. Narrows Of The Harpeth: A 1-mile trail that is filled with beauty and perfect for adventurers of all fitness levels.

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6. Jackson Falls: Explore Tennessee's never-ending beauty along the Natchez Trace Parkway and take some time to stretch your legs on this steep but paved path to the very tranquil Jackson Falls.

7. Fiery Gizzard Trail: This 12-mile stretch of trail will absolutely be worth the drive from Nashville and the time you'll spend exploring. The trail connects Grundy Forest to Foster Falls, and you'll find gorgeous payoffs on both ends and everywhere in between. If it was good enough for Daniel Boone, it's good enough for you.

8. The Warner Parks: 9 miles from Downtown Nashville you'll find over 3,000 aces of hiking trails, overlooks, mountain bike trails, horse trails and more. Looking for insider info and to connect with locals? Stop in locally owned Cumberland Transit to chat about trails, pick up needed gear, have a cup of joe at Three Brothers next door, or step it up and join in with their Crazy Owls trail running group. They've been getting Nashville friends outside since 1971, so they must know something good. Get connected and go outside to play.

9. Hike to Carmac Falls: Hidden on Evins Mill Property, Carmac Falls is by far one of the most breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls in the state of Tennessee. Take a visit to Evins Mill for breakfast or disappear for the weekend. You'll find the waterfall, hammocks, swimming, fishing and more. An adventure to this Tennessee gem is one that you won't soon forget.

10. Virgin Falls: Yes, I saved the best for last. Explore multiple waterfalls, including the queen of Tennessee waterfalls. Camp directly in front of the falls or multiple other campsite locations. Day hike it and get lost in the wildflowers. Explore the caves and geological formations. Virgin Falls offers unlimited opportunities, and this is one spot that you will find yourself returning to time and time again.

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