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Jonathan Stull | 03.18.2017

The West Coast states are already primed for waterfalls, lined with mountain ranges and basalt, a rock formation known for the type of fracturing that produces spectacular waterfall basins—Abiqua Falls, to name but one. With the kind of winter we have had on the West Coast, with heavy snows and pounding rains from Washington to Southern California, the spring waterfalls should be as voluminous as ever, and there are more than enough to fill your weekends into May.

Iconic falls like Multnomah are always a must-see, but especially during a spring like this. Don’t miss lesser-visited and equally beautiful waterfalls like Panther Creek in Washington, or Alamere Falls, whose waters fall from a bluff into the Pacific. Pack in your tent; some of these hikes include backcountry camping in scenery befitting the beauty of the falls.

With so much to choose from, picking one to anchor a weekend adventure is no simple task, but we will make that easy for you. The spring will have sprung soon, the rain will stop falling, the clouds will clear, leaving behind longer days and Brobdingnagian cascades. Find yours!





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