Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
300.00 ft (91.44 m)
Trail type
2.00 mi (3.22 km)
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The Dread and Terror segment of the North Umpqua Trail is a unique section filled with some amazing waterfalls. From the White Mule Trailhead the trail follows the North Umpqua River with smaller falls cascading over rocks and logs. About a mile in you can start to hear the roar of the lager Lemolo Falls. You will get a glimpse of the falls, but continue on to a small outcropping for a better view. On a clear day you may even see the Cascades in the distance. 

The trail is muddy, even in the dry summer season. Some fallen trees and waterlogged sections of the trail can make travel a bit difficult, but the trail remains passable. For a longer hike you can continue on to the Hot Springs Trailhead, about 12 more miles north. The whole North Umpqua Trail is about 79 miles long, and is perfect for those looking for a larger adventure. This is also a popular trail for mountain biking, both on the Lemolo Segment and on the Dread and Terror Segment. The trail is managed by both the Forest Service and the BLM. 

Two separate trails lead to Lemolo Falls. The North Umpqua Trail #1414 approaches from the south: The White Mule Trailhead is easier to reach and the route follows the river and is more gradual, but it is also muddier and stays along the top of the canyon with no real trail down to the base of the falls. The Lemolo Falls Trail #1468 approaches from the north: This trailhead is harder to reach, and the trail is steeper and sometimes blocked by downed trees or landslides. That being said, it's worth the hike because it leads you all the way to the base of the falls for a stunning view of the canyon. Either trail will give you an amazing view of the falls, and the trailheads are close enough and the trails short enough that you can easily do both in the same day. 

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Parking Pass

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Trail can become muddy and waterlogged.

Trailhead Elevation

3,920.00 ft (1,194.82 m)


Bird watching
Big vistas
Old-growth forest
Geologically significant

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Talk about a hidden gem! I felt a little bid like I was driving into a horror movie on the remote forest roads to the trailhead. Great hike and another great Southern Oregon falls!
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