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Jared Kennedy | 10.02.2014

This post is the final of a seven part series. Part seven is focused on off-season rates for lodges.

Part 1: Fall Colors
Part 2: Migratory Species
Part 3: High Water
Part 4: Mushrooms
Part 5: Desert Visits
Part 6: Hot Springs
Part 7: Off-Season Lodge Rates

Staying in an historic lodge is an incredible way to experience the history and legacy of an area. Even better, you can leave your front door for a day of outdoor exploration. As fall rolls around, the off-season starts, making rates much cheaper. These two places are my favorite lodges to visit in the fall. Both are in the Olympic National Park, where it rains year-round, making a fall visit as great as any other time of year. 

Lake Quinault Lodge

This incredible lodge in the heart of Olympic National Park was built in 1926. Today it's part of the National Register of Historic Places. The timber framed accommodation was designed by Robert Reamer, and it has a grand hall with the requisite central fireplace. The Lake Quinault Trail System departs from the lodge's main entrance. From September 21 through the end of the year, room rates are reduced to less than $100 per night, making it the perfect time to plan a visit.

Kalaloch Lodge + Cabins

Staying at Kalaloch Lodge and Cabins is a great way to explore the Olympic coast. You can directly access the beach from the lodge's grounds. The accommodation features 42 rentable cabins and numerous additional rooms within the lodge itself. The structures, developed by Charles W. Becker, date back to the 1920s. When it was first built, visitors had to take a train, then a boat trip, and finally a 5-mile hike to reach the lodge. From now until the end of the year, cabins can be rented starting at $109.


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