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Jesse Weber | 12.01.2020

For some, winter is the season to do little other than curl up by the fireplace with a hot drink. And that might be just the right call this year with the covid-19 pandamic surging. But all that indoor time also must be met with some respite in the outdoors. 

When you do feel it's safe to get outside and do so responsibly wearming masks and social distancing, we can think of a few soul nourishing activities when old man winter and the first snowfall transforms the landscape. Whether you seek the turns of backcountry skiing, the simplicity of snowshoeing, or the challenge of cross-country skiing, there is a winter adventure worth bundling up for and getting out there. Whether you're in British Columbia or the District of Columbia, we have the winter adventure you're looking for. 

Spanning the continent and covering all skill levels in various sports, here is our mega-list of the top cold-weather hotspots for winter adventure.

East Coast

Making the climb up to Avalanche Lake. Photo by Nick Catania.


Watching a skier from Artist Point. Photo by Anthony Kasner.


Winter is a beautiful season at Crater Lake. Photo by Jess Beauchemin.

British Columbia

Enjoying the ride down Journeyman Peak. Photo by Adam Cowcill.


Skinning in to the Pioneer Yurt. Photo by Calvin Perfall.

Northern Rockies/Midwest

Moose crossing the Snake River. Photo by Kyle Jenkins.


The view from Catherine's Pass. Photo by Calvin Perfall.


The valley section of the Mount Sanitas Hike. Photo by Rini Sugianto.




    Your posts are always western USA-centric. What about crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing along the carriage roads to some of the most beautiful vistas in the park?
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