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Jared Kennedy | 01.08.2014

At Outdoor Project, we couldn't be more excited to be growing our coverage here in California. The state is home to an extraordinary amount of natural beauty backed by a strong tradition of environmental awareness, conservation and a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts that we're thrilled to be a part of. 

The opportunities for outdoor recreation in this adventure-rich landscape are limitless. Here are some of the highlights that make exploring this state so incredible:

California has over 840 miles of varied coastline and 400 miles of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It boasts both the lower 48's highest point (Mount Whitney) and lowest point (Death Valley). It’s the home of the tallest trees on earth (coastal redwoods) and the oldest (ancient bristlecone pines). There are nine National Parks, massive Cascade volcanoes, southwestern deserts and accessible offshore islands that support one of the world's richest marine ecosytems. You could spend a lifetime exploring California and still not cover all there is to see and do. And unlike much of the country, the climate lets you get outside year-round.

With so much awe-inspiring ground to cover, our work starts with building an Outdoor Project community in California. Although we've just begun, we have great momentum underway with adventures online and contributors focused in and around the Bay Area, Central Coast, Sacramento, Gold Country, Lake Tahoe and the Sierra, the Northern California Coast and Mount Shasta. Over the next year we'll be adding adventures throughout the state. From Big Sur to the Trinity Alps, Kings Canyon to the Redwood Coast, Lassen Volcanic National Park to the nation's newest National Park, Pinnacles, we'll be exploring the gems of California’s outdoors to share with you and help you find your adventure.

The environmental movement in the United States is said to have started in California with the first meeting of the Sierra Club in May 1892. Our goal is to share in this long-standing tradition with resources to inspire you to explore more places or new types of outdoor activities, all the while helping you learn more about the natural world through adventure. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and check in on the website regularly for new outdoor adventure and travel coverage. In the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing adventures in Yosemite Valley, within the Redwoods State and National Parks, places to explore along the Sonoma and Mendocino coast, and a long list of adventures in and around San Francisco.

We're fired up to be here and are looking forward to seeing you out on the trail, in the water, and in the mountains. If you'd like to learn more about becoming a contributor in California, please visit our contributor page. Have fun finding your next adventure.


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