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Aron Bosworth | 09.25.2019

This post was originally brought to you in partnership with Central Montana.

Central Montana is home to majestic mountain peaks, lush river valleys, sparkling waters, and vast grassy plains. With such a diverse landscape, it's no surprise that over 100 native mammals and 250 bird species call Central Montana home. Here's why Central Montana offers some of the best wildlife experiences in the west.

Authentic Animal Experiences

In Central Montana, wildlife still rules. That means while you are out enjoying the limitless outdoor experiences of the region, from hiking to boating to biking, you are also likely to see some of the magnificent animals—elk, deer, eagles, foxes, or bighorn sheep, to name a few—that reside here. And if wildlife viewing is your top priority, there are many designated wildlife management areas, like Ear Mountain, Blackleaf, and Sun River, that provide spectacular mammal and bird viewing opportunities.

Eagles, Elk, and Bears, Oh My!

With space to breathe and habitat rich in diversity, it's no wonder that you can see over 100 mammal and 250 bird species in Central Montana. Experience the echoing bugles of bull elk, the powerful clashes between bighorn sheep, the melodic call of a western meadowlark, or the playful nature of foxes. Witness a black bear snacking on fresh berries, the sweet white spots of whitetail deer fawns, or the iconic flight of an eagle. Central Montana provides no shortage of animal encounters to check off your bucket list.

Stunning Landscapes and Wide-Open Skies for the Perfect Photo Backdrop

Have you ever wanted to capture an impressive photo to go along with the memory of your wildlife experience? Central Montana makes it easy! Every view in every part of the region provides spectacular landscapes. From mountains to rivers to plains, you will find beauty in every corner. And, with our big skies, you can be sure to experience vibrant blues during the day and golden hues in the mornings and evenings. There is no better setting to create unforgettable wildlife memories.

Visit to learn more about the region's watchable wildlife, stunning landscapes, and big blue skies.


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