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The bizarrely named Smoo Cave in Cape Wrath has seen human habitation for over 5,000 years. From the Norse word, "smjugg," meaning hole or hiding place, the deep and well-hidden Smoo Cave is almost invisible from nearly all approaches. You don’t really notice it until you descend into it. On the surface, the only noticeable feature is the sudden hole in the middle of a field disappearing into the dark. Legends abound of murderous bandits throwing their victims down into the pool below.

The earliest archaeological evidence suggest Stone Age inhabitants, with packed shells from the Iron Age found as well. Multiple Norse artifacts have been recovered at the site that researchers believe suggest Smoo Cave was used for repairing longboats and launching raids down the coast.

Today, there are several wooden platforms that make access to the cave easy and interesting.

The cave is massive. As you come down the stairs and onto the beach, you will cross a bridge giving you the first look into the wide-open mouth. The cave is nearly 20 meters wide and 15 meters high, the largest sea cave entrance in Great Britain. The main chamber is expansive and impressive with the namesake hole high in the cieling. At the back there is a wooden platform that gives you a viewpoint into the spectacular second chamber. A waterfall pours through the top of this beautiful limestone chamber. The wooden platform gives you a descent view. Mood lighting adds a slightly artificial atmosphere, but it doesn’t detract from the beauty.

If you fancy exploring further, there is a tour that you can join for £6 that takes you across the Lake Chamber to a passageway exploring the back tunnel of the cave. It is well worth it. Tours are run by Smoo Cave Tours March through to October.

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