Sandy beach
Hike-in Required
Snorkeling / SCUBA
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Aruba's Boca Catalina Beach is a small cove with picturesque white sand descending into lush blue waters.

The beach lies down a few steps from the onstreet parking area above, and has a few coverings and trees that provide shade depending on the time of day. The shoreline here is lined with rock though there are a couple sections where the sand descends into the water, making for easy access. The area in the water in front of Boca Catalina is protected from boats entering, making it a good beach for swimming and snorkeling, as sea turtles and some small fish populations can often be seen in the shallows.

On the north side, Boca Catalina fronts some of the luxury homes built above the water, to the south lies Malmok Beach, with the exact separation between the two not really being clear, however Boca Catalina has the sandy access to the water, and Malmok is more craggy shoreline with no access but has a boardwalk walkway perched above the rocks.

While Boca Catalina is intimately small, it can be ideal on weekdays or early mornings, however It tends to feel pretty busy during mid day hours and on weekends when finding shade or uncrowded areas of the water becomes a bit more challenging.

There are no bathrooms, water, lifeguards or other amenities of any kind at Boca Catalina Beach. Parking is available in a dirt pullout above the beach.

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Beautiful. Great snorkeling beach.


No amenities. Can get busy at peak times.

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Snorkeling / SCUBA
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The buoys and ropes closing off the swimming area have disappeared since December 2023. We visit Boca Catalina in March 2024 and were horrified by the number of boats coming through the area that had always been marked off. Not only does this contribute to more seabed damage, as these operators drop anchors in previous unavailable areas, it is also dangerous to the snorkelers.
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