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Balcony and Boulevard Caves are portions of the Bearpaw Lava Tube System that runs beneath Lava Beds National Monument. To visit them, a short trail leads from a shared parking area. 

From the parking area, hike to the end of the trail. Here, you can access Boulevard Cave. Look for a sure sign you're in the right place: Painted on the smooth entrance floor is a misspelled "The Bullvard" marker. This short but interesting cave looks like a subway tunnel. The ceilings are mostly tall enough to walk through without stooping, but the cave soon peters out to nothing.

Return to the trail and look for one more signed entrance. This is Balcony Cave, perhaps named for a bridge-like structure near the walk-in entrance that looks like a balcony. This cave has several skylights and entrances to explore. It's helpful, but not necessary, to have a cave map. You can buy a booklet with maps and cave descriptions at the visitor center.

If you do have a cave map and you're eager to see more, wander back to the Earth's surface to see if you can locate Shark's Mouth Cave. This nearby cave features rows of stalactites that look like shark's teeth. There's no marked entrance, so you're on your own to find it.

Be prepared with at least two light sources and a helmet. Pick up your free cave permit at the visitor center before entering any caves.

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