Hike-in Required
Open Year-round
Water Temperature
100.00 °F (37.78 °C)
Sensitive Habitat
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Hill Top Hot Spring, also called Pulky's Pool, is another in the hot spring-rich valley just south of Mammoth Lakes. 

Like Crab Cooker and Shepherd, Hill Top has a tendency to be a popular soaking spot, and it can often be crowded. It isn't hard to figure out why: the Eastern Sierra create a gorgeous backdrop for the stone-and-cement tub that sits on a bluff surrounded by the boggy Alkali Lake.

The pool is about 2 feet deep and large enough to accommodate four to six people. The pool is clothing-optional, and don't be surprised if additional soakers drop in. Water flows in from the nearby source at over 100 degrees though a valve on the warmer of two inflow pipes, and this allows soakers to adjust the amount of hot water that pours into the tub.

The road to the parking area is paved apart from the final 200 yards, so the access is suitable for all passenger cars. From the dirt parking area, walk about a quarter mile on a gravel and wooden plank trail to reach the low hill with the springs. There are no trash cans or facilities of any type located near the springs, and camping at the springs is not permitted, though there are no restrictions on the nearby public land.

Logistics + Planning



Parking Pass

Not Required


Amazing views. Secluded location.


Can become crowded and trashed.


Clothing optional
Sensitive Habitat

Number of pools



Nearby Adventures

Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, California
Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, California


We went there early on Saturday Morning 23 Feb. The road was inaccessible due to heavy snow. We parked in the main road and took on the Hike. The tub was crystal clear, nice and worm. The valve makes for easy regulating of temperature. We were lucky enough to be alone for about 2 hours before a couple walked up. The walk up to HillTop was very easy as the snow was hard. The snow surroundings made for the best views ever!
Visited on September 12, 2016. Congenial company, spectacular views, and a well-constructed and generously sized pool. Downsides: a stiff breeze that often blew dirt and dust into our faces, a small amount of litter, and a very slick coating of algae on the bottom. Yes, I slipped and landed in somebody's lap. He took it in stride!

This pool seems to be a favorite, and well known. It's easy to get to, and thoughtful folks have added bits of carpet and doormats to make it more comfortable to get in and out.

Watch out for LOTS of cow pies around the tub.

Well constructed raised walking path, and lovely, thick raw planks on sturdy footing make it a breeze to get to the tub.

While I was there, everyone was wearing clothing of some sort.
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