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This historical landmark dates back to 1905 when it was used to ship agricultural goods to and from Malibu Rancho. Three decades later the public was granted access to the Malibu Pier for fishing. Over the course of the 1930s it changed hands, was extended, and saw its first bait and tackle shop open. By the mid 1940s part of the pier and the shop had been demolished by a powerful storm, which led to reconstruction and the appearance of the two buildings that currently stand at the end of the pier. Various people gained possession of the pier over the next several decades, and additional damage was sustained at the hands of storms. In the late 1990s the pier fell into the hands of the state, where it remains to this day.

All visitors should stop by the Malibu Farm Restaurant and Café, an establishment with locations at each end of the pier.  This Malibu Pier staple serves organic food cooked with pronounceable ingredients—no azodicarbonamide here!  Helene, the owner of Malibu Farm, is passionate about serving food that comes from local farms with free range animals.  If you would like to buy a souvenir, check out the Malibu Beach Supply Company, another establishment with an emphasis on keeping things local. Why buy a generic keychain when you can get a piece of art created by a local artist?

Malibu Pier extends into the Santa Monica Bay. While the bay is in relatively good shape these days, it has historically struggled with excessive pollution. The biggest culprit seems to be urban runoff that makes it all the way into the water.  There are several groups dedicated to maintaining the bay’s cleanliness, including the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, which allows visitors to see the animals that are so deeply effected by poor water quality. Be sure to take the time to explore nearby Malibu Lagoon State Beach on your visit.

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Historic 1905-built pier. Dock fishing. Cafes. Adjacent surfing.


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