Hike-in Required
Open Year-round
Water Temperature
103.00 °F (39.44 °C)
Sensitive Habitat
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Remington Hot Springs are a set of three man-made tubs that are beautifully constructed and well-maintained by locals. The tubs are  perched on the edge of the Kern River slightly downstream from Lake Isabella. 

It's location in the low mountain pass between the cities of Bakersfield and Ridgecrest make it an excellent spot for nighttime stargazing, and the numerous nooks and sandy riverside areas provide excellent camping opportunities. 

All of these features have a tradeoff, however. It is rare that you will ever find Remington without at least several other soakers, and possibly quite a few other soakers. Regardless of season or time of day (or night), this is a popular spot with locals and travelers alike. Though soakers do a good job of keeping the area picked up - there is only a single trash can at the parking area - and informing soakers to rinse their feet off outside of the tubs before entering, the tubs have a tendency to have trash, and cigarette butts accumulate.

There is a quarter-mile hike from the dirt parking lot down steep dusty trails to the springs. Paths fork off from each other, but as long as you keep heading down, you'll find the springs or the riverside, which you can trace until you see the springs.

About 50 feet above the three tubs is a single small pool known as "the miner's tub," which is the oldest of the tubs. The three that sit at the riverside each have pipes connecting to each other to allow for draining and cleaning. The flow from the warmest top pool (over 100 degrees) can be used to adjust the temperatures in the progressively cooler lower pools (sub-100 degrees).

Bathers are customarily nude here, though technically this is on Forest Service land, and rangers make occasional visits to hand out tickets and warnings for being nude in public. The pools will leave you smelling a bit sulphurous as well.

At dawn and dusk, bats circling above the river will put on a show.

Be respectful here, as nearby Miracle Hot Springs, a former resort, were destroyed by the Forest Service due to consistent problems with bathers.

Logistics + Planning



Parking Pass

Not Required


Amazing riverside location. Multiple tubs with varying temperatures.


Consistently crowded. Area can be dirty from heavy use.


Sensitive Habitat

Number of pools




A quick google search and you'll find more information. Devastating.
Is there camping grounds around there? Thinking of staying over for labor day weekend...
Lovely picture, except for the beer can in the middle of it. :/
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