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Trail difficulty
Elevation Gain
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2.24 mi (3.60 km)
Please respect the outdoors and leave no trace. One tip how to dispose of waste properly: Pack out toilet paper and hygiene products. For more information, visit

The crown jewel of the 18 Road Mountain Bike Trail System, Zippity-Doo-Dah sits like the spine of a giant brontosaurus high in the north Fruita desert. According to legend, when the 18 Road Trail System was nothing more than a few lines in the desert, locals gathering at what is now the main parking lot envisioned something grander. Looking out at the rolling hills of 18 Road at sunset, a rider motioned to his friends and said, "We should build a trail up there, and call it Zippity." And beginning with that almost muted proclamation, the amusement style ride of Zippity-Doo-Dah was born. 

This ride climbs over 300 feet above the desert floor to snake along three large knife-edge ridges, each one with a faster and steeper decent than the last. The final decent is the hardest, with a 300-foot S-curve drop. It's not for the timid, and it is why Zippity earns a black diamond rating. The terrain here is very delicate and too steep to walk if you chicken out, so please be aware of your skill level and don't hurt this fragile ecosystem by going off trail. A good rule of thumb: if you think twice about riding Joe's Ridge while in the area, this trail isn't for you.

Since this is a one way trail, there are many ways to incorporate Zippity into a loop. Or for more ear-to-ear grins, just head back up the road and try it all over again. You'll be happy that you did. Also, if you are riding this trail system for a few days, there's no more convenient spot to camp than the North Fruita Desert Campground.

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Parking Pass

Not Required


Roller coaster riding over unique terrain.


Difficult to walk around the biggest drop.

Pets allowed


Trailhead Elevation

5,462.00 ft (1,664.82 m)

Net Elevation Gain

157.00 ft (47.85 m)


Unnamed Road
Loma, CO 81524
United States


Bird watching
Big vistas


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