Sandy beach
Cliff jumping
Hike-in Required
Sensitive Habitat
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Spitting Cave is a rather unusual contrast to the white sandy beaches typically found on the island of O'ahu. Here volcanic rock cliffs rise majestically from the frothy ocean to as tall as 60 feet in some places. With access located off a quiet neighborhood cul-de-sac, local fishermen and fearless adrenaline junkies frequent these cliffs.

The trail to the cliff is inconspicuously situated between two properties and is steep and slippery at times. The cave itself is located under the cliffs, where waves plunge into the back, sending water spitting out of the entrance with a gurgling whoosh! A ladder leads down toward the water's edge, making the tidal rock more accessible on flat days.

Do not attempt to enter the water when the swell is large; surge and currents have been fatal here. Head to the cliffs on a late afternoon for a remarkable view of the sun setting into the ocean.

Logistics + Planning

Parking Pass

Not Required


High cliff. Clear water.


Dangerous swell. Currents.



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