Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
130.00 ft (39.62 m)
Trail type
1.60 mi (2.57 km)
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The road to Hana is littered with exceptional sights, roadside farm-fresh food and drink, and adventure to keep even the most avid travelers occupied for weeks. If there’s one place that serves up an exceptional experience in a lovely package, it’s the Twin Falls Hike (its name is misleading…there are actually three waterfalls here, not two). Many guidebooks underrate this stop, claiming it to be a time suck for visitors attempting to fit the glorious Road to Hana in one day. We’d recommend that you budget for at least an hour, though, and spend ample time perusing the Wailele Farm stand—this is one of the best snack stops on the entire journey.

The Wailele Farm is a family-owned farm that prioritizes biodiversity; they’re committed to removing invasive species and replacing them with plants that are endemic to Hawai'i. And, to top it off, they sell an incredible array of local goodies—from drinking coconuts to plantains to baked goods. Good luck resisting the urge to try one of everything.

Even if you arrive on a day in which the parking lot looks ominously packed, don’t let that deter you—the trail system does a great job of spreading out traffic. Though we can hardly claim that you’ll find yourself any solitude here, you’ll never feel like you’re competing for space like you might on some of the other waterfall hikes in the area. 

The hiking path is wide and accommodating, making this a nice jaunt for kids or older folks. After about a half mile or so, it’ll split. To the left you’ll find Ho’olawa li’ili’i (Little Ho’olawa) Stream which will eventually lead you to “Caveman,” a picture-perfect waterfall spilling into a great swimming hole. You can keep following the trail beyond Caveman as it loops back around, passing more waterfalls before it rejoins the main trail.

To the right of the fork, you’ll follow Ho’olawa nui (Big Ho’olawa) Stream, which eventually leads to two lovely sets of falls. The second is much less populated than the others and can be great for cliff jumping. Be SURE to thoroughly investigate before you jump. 

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Not Required


Three picturesque waterfalls. Family-friendly hike. Fruit stand.


Very crowded. Very limited parking after 8 a.m.

Trailhead Elevation

460.00 ft (140.21 m)




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