Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
170.00 ft (51.82 m)
Trail type
2.00 mi (3.22 km)
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Beckman Trail inside Deep Creek Lake State Park is an easy 2-mile loop that provides a peaceful walk through trees, views of Deep Creek Lake, and the opportunity to see an abandoned coal mine. The trail is one of several within Deep Creek Lake State Park, which is named after the largest manmade lake in Maryland. This park is not just for hiking; there are boat launches, places to fish and swim, and camping sites to enjoy during peak season. With the different activities, an entrance fee is also required during that time.

When entering Deep Creek Lake State Park, signs will direct you toward a parking lot for trail hikers. All hikes, regardless of the trail, begin by following Indian Turnip Trail, which is marked by orange blazes, from this parking lot. Follow this until you reach signs for the Meadow Mountain Trail, which is marked by white blazes. Follow this until you see the sign directing you toward Beckman Trail, which is marked by red blazes. All signs will be apparent and easy to follow.  

The Beckman Trail slowly ascends to the top of Meadow Mountain (a name that is more intimidating than ascent) within the park. The path is easy and offers nice views of Deep Creek Lake along the way. The trail is well marked, particularly when the path crosses Deep Creek Lake's other trails within its trail system, making this park an ideal hiking destination for all hiking levels. As you near the peak you will see a small sign that directs you toward old Brant Coal Mine. For a small taste of history, take the little detour to the mine.

According to Maryland's Department of Natural Resources, the mine was probably started around 1923 by George Beckman and Delphia Brant. Delphia Brant bought around 40 acres of land, speculating that the area would be an ideal place to mine coal. As it turns out he was right; the area held a 2-foot vein of bituminous coal, which was considered suitable enough to burn in houses. Unfortunately for Brant and Beckman, they were unable to mine the majority of the coal because both fell victim to silicosis, or black lung, just a few short years after working in the mine. Beckman died in 1926, and Brant died the year after, succumbing to the hardships of coal mining, poor ventilation, and primitive conditions.

After experiencing a bit of history, return to Beckman Trail and turn right to follow it down the mountain. The trail crosses other paths a couple of times and eventually ends at the road on the perimeter of Deep Creek Lake State Park.You can follow this road back to the parking lot at the trailhead; the other option is to turn onto another path prior to reaching the end of Beckman Trail. To find trails back to the parking lot, take a left on Meadow Mountain Trail at the last cross section, following the white blazes. Follow this trail back to Indian Turnip Trail and make a right, following the orange blazes. Continue to follow this until you reach the parking lot.

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Parking Pass

Park entrance fee

Open Year-round



Water. Historic site. Views.


Can get crowded.

Trailhead Elevation

2,650.00 ft (807.72 m)

Highest point

2,820.00 ft (859.54 m)


Family friendly
Flushing toilets
Near lake or river
Potable water
Historically significant

Typically multi-day


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Permit required



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