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The Ash Springs Rock Art Site is a an area of about 60 boulders on a hillside near the northern end of the Pahranagat Valley containing examples of Native American petroglyphs.

Containing examples that have been named as the Basin And Range tradition, the petroglyphs in this are believed to have been created by families that lived in the area near Ash Springs over the past 1000 years. These petroglyphs include curvilinear forms, along with anthropomorphs and a variety of animals including coytoe, dogs, bighorn sheep and snakes, as well as depicting human forms hunting.

The petroglyphs lie about a quarter mile up a dirt road just off of Highway 93, however there is no signage showing their location. Shortly down this road, a cattle fence blocks access to the road. This fence can be easily moved - just remember to close it behind you. From there, a drive that most high clearance vehicles can make leads to a wider area with a metal guestbook stand which marks the best place to park and begin exploring (low clearance cars might opt to park outside the cattle fence and walk the short distance in.)

Metal markers on the ground lead visitors along a faint trail that heads past a few of the more decorated boulders. The landscape is fairly flat and visitors can easily walk around and look at petroglyphs spread throughout the area. While most of the rock art is on the boulders on the north side of the dirt road, there are a few clear examples along the south side as well.

There are no amenities of any kind at the rock art area. 

Visitors interested in finding more information can grab a brochure on the area from the BLM Caliente Field Office (1400 Front St #1, Caliente, NV 89008) or can view it online here.

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