Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
2,626.00 ft (800.40 m)
Trail type
9.00 mi (14.48 km)
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The Peavine Peak Trail is an arduous, rewarding hike that involves a 2,600-foot climb to the summit of Peavine Mountain that stands dominant over Reno, Nevada. Peavine Peak is actually two peaks. The west peak stands at 8,131 feet and is about 29 feet higher than the east. It is capped with radio towers that are visible from throughout the Reno and Sparks metro area. Peavine also has a place in local lore, as gardeners and food growers will tell you that the disappearance of snow on Peavine is when the time is right to plant your spring seeds.

There are many paths to the top of Peavine, from singletrack trails to wide and rutted four-wheel drive roads. This trail follows one of the shortest and most direct paths to the summit. The lower portion of the trail follows a single track dirt path that passes among sagebrush, lizards, and spent shotgun shells that dots much of the outskirts of the urban area. It then starts rising in elevation until the city is a view among the mountainous landscape surrounding the Truckee meadows.

There are many trails that branch in every direction up here, and though the way to the top is fairly straightforward, some navigational assistance is recommended as the abundance of trails may become confusing, and even finding the same route you climbed up on may become complicated.

The climb is relentless, and the shadeless trails leave you exposed to the elements. Expect extreme heat during the summer and strong winds year-round. Near the top, all trails meet up with the wide and graded Peavine Road for the final climb to the top. 

Both the east and west summits are crowned with radio towers, and both offer views stretching from Verdi Peak and the Truckee River Valley to the west, Mount Rose toward the south, across the casino towers of downtown Reno below, to the mountains forming the eastern fringe of the Reno metro area. Once you've soaked in the views you can return the way you came or proceed down a shorter but steeper trail that leads to a third radio tower standing beside the intersection the Peavine Peak Trail and Peavine Road. Taking the shorter route will cut about three-quarters of a mile off of your distance.


Logistics + Planning

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Parking Pass

Not Required


Solitude. Amazing views.


No shade. Four-wheel drive traffic.

Trailhead Elevation

5,505.00 ft (1,677.92 m)


Backcountry camping
Big vistas

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Lake Tahoe + Northern Sierra, California
Lake Tahoe + Northern Sierra, California
Lake Tahoe + Northern Sierra, California


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