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Twin Falls is one of many waterfalls on the South Branch of the Grass River accessed by Tooley Pond Road. This particular falls drops about 40 feet in a series of ledges, making several rooster tails spray high into the air. The parking place is unmarked, and reaching the falls requires careful navigation over a side channel, but being able to sit right at the edge of such quickly flowing water makes it worth the effort.

Park on the side of the road at the top of a small hill with a slight bend to the left. Usually there will be some kind of log or plank bridge across the side channel directly next to the road. If there is none to be found, visitors may need to get their feet wet.

Once on the other side of the channel, continue through the woods toward the sound of rushing water. The island is small, with occasional wildflowers underfoot. No official trail exists, but enough people visit the falls that a footpath is often clearly visible. There are plenty of views of the falls from various points, whether at the bottom among the vast collections of driftwood that pile up or at the edge of one of many rooster tails spraying water at odd angles. Sadly, none of these offer a complete view of the falls.

In the summer, the pool at the bottom is an inviting place to swim or fish. Visitors interested in the best views of the falls could bring a light watercraft to the base of the side channel and paddle into the large pool below the falls, but be wary of high water when the currents are deceptively strong. On the way back to the car, be sure to check out the side channel as it creates a miniature cascade of its own.

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Deep swimming hole. Impressive waterfall.


Challenging access. No good views of the entire falls.

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