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Easy / Class A
4.00 mi (6.44 km)
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The Red River of the North is a very unique river in the United States, and perhaps the world. It flows north into Lake Winnipeg, which eventually dumps into the Hudson Bay. It is located on an old lake bed of the ancient glacial Lake Agassiz. The region it flows through is called the Red River Valley. Although given that designation, the area is not lake a valley at all. It is mostly flat, and the river banks are never wider than a few hundred feet. The river starts at the confluence of the Bois de Sioux River and the Otter Tail River in Wahpeton, North Dakota, and Breckenridge, Minnesota. It only falls 230 feet in its travels, so it doesn't have the power to cut a deep gorge like most rivers. This means the river has little ability to speed up with rising water levels. The river floods into the surrounding areas quite often, and because the current flows north, spring thaws start in the south and flow northward. As a result, the river can flood surprisingly quickly, because rivers usually don't flow toward the colder climates. 

The Lindenwood Kayak Dock was put in place in in 2016. It's a very handy dock for all canoes and kayakers because it allows you to load the boat up while still dry and then pull yourself along the rollers to launch. The same goes for landing as well. The City of Fargo recently decided to put a few of these docks in keys places along the river. They benefit the paddling community and it makes for a great little excursion through town. A person need to be cautious if they plan on rowing too far in either direction. After a few miles either way, there are small dams that would be unpleasant for paddlers to unexpectedly row over. There are three dams within city limits, so all paddlers should be aware of those, although these dams are a hotspot spot for fishing. Many paddlers choose to perch themselves at the base of the the current to fish because many of the species like to hang out in this current. This river is great for catching catfish and walleye.

Lindenwood Park is situated along the Red River and border of North Dakota and Minnesota. The park is used for softball, camping, playground, small hiking, and scenic drives. It provides a nice change of pace from the city life as Fargo is situated in farm land. This makes the area to be quite popular in the warm months. Many cars frequently drive through here, and it can make for a busy area. That's where the kayak dock comes in play. There aren't too many people that partake in river activities because the Red River is a muddier river. But for kayaking, it works perfectly. The Lindenwood Kayak Dock is not very well known or used, but it provides a quick and easy departure and arrival for anyone looking to get onto the river quickly.

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May 01 to October 31


Easy access. Specialized kayak dock. Fishing. City park.


Next to the highway. Campgrounds nearby with noise. Lots of foot traffic around the river.

Pets allowed


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Water Temperature

58.00 °F (14.44 °C)


Family friendly
Flushing toilets
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Picnic tables
Potable water
Covered picnic areas

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Typically multi-day


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Site characteristics: Water


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