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Just below Cape Perpetua the coastline at Cook's Chasm is a dramatic, volcanic, rocky wonder. Thanks to the Pacific Ocean colliding into this jagged shore, there is a constant exhibition of water spouts and exploding waves—a natural phenomenon that is well worth a long drive to see. For an especially dramatic display, visit this destination at high tide or during a winter storm.

Among the many wonders at Cook's Chasm, the two main attractions are Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn. Capable of firing water 40 feet or more into the air, these geyser-like formations are the result of sea caves that developed over long periods of time before collapsing, leaving the iconic openings through which the surging waves explode. 

Pack your waterproof clothing and wear some good shoes, because you’ll find constant sprays of water and wet footing at Cook's Chasm.

Thor's Well and Cook's Chasm are part of the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Areas. This means that there are specific prohibitions against fishing and the harvesting of fish, invertebrates, and seaweed. Check here for specific clarifications on regulations, exemptions, and a detailed representation of the area's boundaries.

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Dramatic water spouts and rocky shoreline.


Sharp and dangerous rocks. Large-wave surprises.


ADA accessible
Tide pools
Whale watching
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It's totally worth it to witness Thor's well get closed. But there are always sudden winds and high waves. So prepare for that and don't get too too close. And also if you're with young children, please watch them a little far.
A very well known spot due to its photographic value. View right from your car, or take a quick couple minute walk down to the beach. Be careful as this area is very dangerous. At one moment the rocky area is dry, the next it could be covered in waves. I did a video showing a bunch of shots of this place:
Thor's Well was a lot of fun to watch! I was there in between low and high tide and then again at high tide. You can definitely get closer before high tide.
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