Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
1,700.00 ft (518.16 m)
Trail type
4.30 mi (6.92 km)
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Once known as Gordon Falls, after the pioneer F.E. Gordon, the falls were renamed Wahkeena Falls by the Mazamas in 1915.  Wahkeena is a Yakima word that means "most beautiful," but in this case the falls are just the beginning of of this most beautiful hike.  A series of popular falls are accessible from the Historic Colombia River Highway, but tucked away above each of these falls are countless other falls that are equally spectacular and perhaps more enjoyable because you won't have to share them with the droves of tourists who stick closer to their cars.  When included with a trip to Multnomah Falls, you will encounter four of these lessor known cascades: Fairy Falls, Ecola Falls and Weisendanger, Upper Multnomah Falls and Duchman Falls.  Return to the Wahkeena Trailhead by making your way to the bottom of Multnomah Falls via the paved switchback trail.  Walk east for several hundred yards, passing the lodge to get to the lower trail that parallels the Historic Colombia River Highway for one-half a mile.

Camping is no longer permitted in the old campground below Wahkeena Trailhead, but there are numerous picnic areas with their own grills, restrooms, and a picnic shelter for inclement weather.


Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Not Required


Six waterfalls. Numerous cascades. Wildflowers. Close to Portland.


Steep switchbacks above Wahkeena Falls. Heavily used area.

Trailhead Elevation

100.00 ft (30.48 m)


Big vistas
Old-growth forest

Typically multi-day




Great trail. It’s nice that it’s open again and the waterfalls are great. Almost no snow was left on the trail.
I parked at Multnomah falls but started my hike at Wahkeena which is a prettier and nicer uphill hike. I think I will avoid Multnomah at all costs next time and just loop back on the Vista trail. Even at 1030 on a weekday morning going down via Multnomah was a true traffic jam. Wahkeena, on the other hand, was blissfully sparse with people and gorgeous as ever, albeit a bit smoky.

As for the closed Perdition trail, I had the honor of hiking it prior to it being destroyed in a forest fire. It was an amazing trail with many wooden steps built into the slope.
After the long.....slog uphill, this was the stunning reward
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