Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
2,587.00 ft (788.52 m)
Trail type
22.00 mi (35.41 km)
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The Uinta Mountains, just east of Salt Lake City and Park City, are a backpackers dream. Uncrowded, wild, and containing all of Utah's 13ers, the Uintas are the perfect place for a weekend backpacking trip or a 10 day epic. Unlike most mountain ranges, the Uintas have an East-West running spine which is encompassed by the 450,000 acre High Uintas Wilderness. The Uintas have countless alpine lakes, streams, and huge rocky and rugged peaks. 

The Allsop/Priord Lake backpacking loop starts at the East Fork Bear River trailhead, which is on the North Slope of the Uintas off of the dirt North Slope Road. Allsop Lake and Priord Lake see a moderate amount of traffic in the summer months, as both lakes are incredibly beautiful and tucked into dramatic alpine basins. This loop can be done in either direction, but will be described as a clockwise loop. 

The East Fork Bear River Trail starts with a descent to the East Fork of the Bear River. After a few miles, the trail splits, which ultimately creates this loop. The right hand fork crosses the river (no bridge), and heads up to Norice and Priord Lakes. The left hand split (Left Hand Fork East Fork Bear River Trail) heads up to Allsop Lake. Take a left, and continue slowly climbing to Allsop Lake. The total distance from the trailhead to Allsop Lake is 9 miles with 1,587 feet of elevation gain. As is common in the Uintas, the elevation gain is very gradual but consistent. 

Allsop Lake is an amazing place to pitch a tent. The Lake has a lot of fish, the scenery is fantastic, and Deadhorse and Yard Peaks loom over the lake. Allsop lake is a great basecamp if you wish to climb Yard Peak, which is one of the harder summits to obtain in the state of Utah. 

To make the loop over to the Priord Lake drainage, off trail navigation and skills are required. Head up from Allsop Lake towards 'Yard Pass', which is a small notch just below North Yard Peak. The hike to the base of the pass is easy and is through open tundra and forests. Elk abound in this area. The pass itself is steep and loose, and you must pick a way up it that looks best to you. There are no cairns or trails here. Once on the pass, the view is incredible. A commanding view of both Allsop and Priord drainages, as well as The Cathedral and Yard Peak. The Uintas are hard to beat! 

Descending into the Priord Lake drainage is tricky. The forest is littered with cliffs. Be careful, take your time, and finding a way down shouldn't be an issue. Once down on the Priord Trail, it is about 1.5 miles uphill to Priord Lake. Priord Lake would make a great second campsite if time permits. The Priord Lake trail is a bit more primative than the Allsop trail, and hiking on this side is slightly slower. 

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Parking Pass

$6 for additional cars

Open Year-round


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June 01 to November 01




Solitude. Beautiful views. Peak bagging.



Trailhead Elevation

9,200.00 ft (2,804.16 m)

Highest point

11,500.00 ft (3,505.20 m)


Near lake or river
Backcountry camping
Big vistas
Big Game Watching
Horseback riding

Typically multi-day


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Permit required



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