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For some, the idea of waking up before the sun is unthinkable. For others, however, there is no better way to kick off each day. Sunrise Point just inside Bryce Canyon National Park is a must-see for those who fall into the latter group. The park itself has so much else to see, but this is the way to start it off if you're camping out or just plan on getting there early.

Sunrise Point is only a short walk from a parking lot right off the main road of the park, and it's almost impossible to miss. Temperatures can dip as low as 10 degrees because Bryce Canyon sits at pretty high elevation, so the ideal way to enjoy a sunrise here is wrapped up in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee. There are quite a few benches and rock walls to sit on and watch the sun come up over the canyon and light everything up in a fiery red. Photographers flock to this point for great sunrise shots, so make sure to bring your camera and grab a few photos yourself! 

The National Park Service website has the sunrise time listed for each day, as does the Weather Channel and usually the ranger stations. Make sure to double check what time the sun is scheduled to rise and plan to get there 15 to 20 minutes early. Sometimes some of the more beautiful colors and tones of the sky occur before the sun is even visible.

As always, please be courteous of others and allow them to enjoy the moment just as you would like to. Special places like this are for us all to share and enjoy together!

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