Trail difficulty
Elevation Gain
200.00 ft (60.96 m)
Trail type
8.00 mi (12.87 km)
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A newly built trail system, the Wild Horse trails were designed to give you a new way to explore Goblin Valley State Park. Although the trails do not pass through any of the hoodoo-like formations that the park is known for, they do give you a unique way to experience one of Utah’s best-kept secrets: the San Rafael Swell.

The trail system is a series of stacked loops built around various overlooks that provide fantastic vistas of this beautiful desert landscape. With that in mind, the riding itself is fun and accessible for riders of all skill levels, but not particularly exciting or challenging. The joy in these trails comes from the views. Because of the stacked loops, you can lengthen or shorten your ride any number of ways, but a typical ride that gets you to all the overlooks is about 9 miles. The trails have very little elevation gain and are not very technical, so those 9 miles go by pretty quickly. However, the soil is sandy enough to justify, but not necessitate, a fat-tire approach if you are so inclined.

Either before or after your ride, be sure to see the goblins themselves in the Valley of the Goblins, just down the road and included in the park admission.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

State Park Fee


Beautiful views. Nearby adventures. Easy access.



Pets allowed

Allowed with Restrictions

Trailhead Elevation

5,050.00 ft (1,539.24 m)


Big vistas



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