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Grasshopper Meadows Campground is one of three free places to camp along White River, about 10 miles north of Lake Wenatchee in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Campers will be treated to views of the surrounding ridges and enjoy access to a secluded piece of the river with good picnicking spots.

This tiny campground has just five sites, all of which are situated under tall Douglas firs and alders just a short walk from White River. Though there is no potable water, Grasshopper Meadows does offer basic amenities like grills, picnic tables, and pit toilets. Note that the campground is primarily geared toward tent camping, as parking is limited and RVs might have trouble finding a good spot.

Three miles back down the road is Napeequa Crossing Campground, which has direct access to the Twin Lakes Creek Trail, and further north is White River Falls Campground, where the waterfall continues to roar year-round. All three are managed by the Forest Service and rarely fill up despite their small size.

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It´s my first day in Washington from Australia. I came onto the campgrounds and licked the ground as we dingaree do in Ausi empire. After that I observed a large wombat wrestling with what looked like a big, girthy nature lover. Normally we would just find a wombat and just through it barbie so I thought this American behavior was quite odd. So when I, myself, found one of these large wombats I proceeded to wrestle it lust like the gators back at home. Normally we only wrestle our meals if we really need to survive. I then chopped it up and gobbled it down just like a good old dingo back in the outback. At that that moment a pack of wolves pounced on me and tried to take my supper and my child slave that I found wandering through the forest. So my bogan of a slave, his bird, and myself went down to the water where we took turns attempting to drown each other. I was real hot under the collar about the fact that he nearly won. He was a twig after being lost in the forest or as he put it, ¨spending time with nature.¨ Anyways, I used his bird to help me navigate throughout the woods. It wasn´t until we left the woods that I let him free. I am now residing back in Australia at Barwon Prison. ^_^
I love nature. I like nature a lot, and this makes me feel a satisfying sensation. I can't wait to visit once more, mainly because I just love smelling the nice trees. The squirrels are friendly when they speak to me, and I am absolutely ecstatic when I skinny dip in the refreshing lake. The leaves were rather bland, and I experienced an itchy throat after eating some. The berries were nice even though I had to wrestle a bear for them. I took a quick picture of him defending the tasty red berries. That was just another day in nature for me. I was surprised that more people didn't help wrestle. Back in Alabama, we had bear wrestlin' competitions. I was nicknamed "Big Bertha" because I could wrestle ten of those lil buggers at a time. Anyways, I had a nice time. Nowadays, animals don't feel the love that they do in Alabama. But in this park, I make em feel very satisfied. Thanks for housing me.
Personally, I enjoy the outdoors and this campground provided the most optimal experience for me and my bird. I was first drawn to this campground for its name. I love grasshoppers especially when they're fried and coated in chocolate. And my bird does as well. I am sincerely grateful for the quality the employees were working. My bird loves nature. I do too. The berries there were quite scrumptious and led me to a mysterious cavern with so many nice people although the they were a bit bony and didn't talk much. The bears didn't enjoy my company in their residence. It tried to eat my bird. So I ate it. The trees are nice when they sing their songs to me. The squirrels kept me warm after my enjoyable skinny dipping experience. I didn't enjoy the man in the bushes though. It was faulty and defective. You guys should order a new one. The trees provide good company and I love the fresh supply of Arabian walnuts in the southern region of the forest. See you soon, Partner. ;) I took a few pictures while I was there; here's one.
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