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Easy / Class A
3.60 mi (5.79 km)
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Just north of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and only 3.5 miles from the Columbia River, the Lewis River and East Fork Lewis River converge into what becomes the main stem of the Lewis River.  This broad body of water is a relaxing paddle, but the highlight is certainly the secluded beaches that face the Columbia River.  To reach Squaw Island (private property), paddle 1.8 miles west and plenty of options will unfold.  If it is late spring or early summer and waters are high, explore Gee Creek, which opens up after 1.9 miles into the gorgeous, wildlife-rich, oak and camas-lined Lancaster Lake.  If you have a kayak and feel comfortable in open water, head 0.5 miles across the Columbia to Warrior Rock Lighthouse on the very northern point of Sauvie Island.  If the aforementioned beaches are your focus, paddle an additional 0.3 miles south of Squaw Island (where Lake River meets up with the Columbia) to a big, open, sun-drenched beach.

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Watching the ships on Columbia. Beaches.


Small swells from passing boats.



Site characteristics: Water


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NOT ACCESSIBLE. Wish I’d read the comments. The road is blocked with a gate now to prevent access to the railroad property and the river. Go to Pekin Ferry just up the river. There’s an RV park. $5 day use fee. We canoed upriver under I5 instead, but I think we could have made it out to the Columbia too. The river was beautiful with bald eagles, lots of little fish jumping & herons. Beware of afternoon winds. They picked up around 3:30 going upriver.
Do not go to the describe put it on Lancaster Road. Went there on 7/9/17. The place has a locked gate some distance from the river, no place to park, and a plethora of no-trespassing signs and even one proclaiming video surveillance (though that seemed doubtful). A local who drove up (specifically because he was intent on ensuring we went elsewhere, though quite helpful nevertheless), told us that we could put in a bit up river on Perkins Ferry Road. Of course, not much farther upriver is Paradise Point Park where, presumably, one can park entirely legally. That's the tip from the local we spoke with. (We bailed and went to the dock at Ridgefield Kayak Rentals and put in on the Lake River instead. Can't recommend that strongly.) Hope to return on a less windy day and try the Perkins Ferry Road put in the future.
No Trespassing signs were posted everywhere!
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