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Located on the north side of Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, Radar Park is a very modest and, unfortunately, poorly-maintained park, with a far more interesting past than its current conditions may reflect.

Radar Park is built on the site of a former Cold War military missile defense base that was stationed to protect the critical ship and aircraft building operations and general population of the Puget Sound during the era. According to King County:

In 1953 this site was occupied by anti-aircraft guns. Then, from 1957-1967, it served as the "radar" portion of a Nike Missle Defense System (hence the names "Radar Park" and "Anti-Aircraft Peak"). When more advanced missiles and jets made the Nike System obsolete, King County acquired the grounds for the park.

Even today the park is somewhat concealed, or feels hidden, much as it did while the site was in military operation. The base was so secretive that no locals were stationed there, and most soldiers who were stationed there came from the east coast.

Now, the park is little more than a relic of its unique past. Few remnants of the base are visible, and there are only a couple of picnic shelters. The site is an excellent starting point to explore Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park's 3,115 acres of second-growth native conifer forest, however, and to access the park's 38-mile hiking trail network.


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Picnic shelters. Access to hiking trails. Historic site of Nike Missile Defense Station.


Poorly maintained. Limited views.


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