Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
500.00 ft (152.40 m)
Trail type
2.70 mi (4.35 km)
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The Twin Falls hike follows the South Fork Snoqualmie River along the western edge of the Cascade Mountains. This popular trail is a relaxing hike for all ages and offers a leisurely stroll through the forest to clear the mind and breathe in some fresh mountain air.

Starting at the west trailhead, you will hike along the fairly gentle South Fork Snoqualmie River amid western alder and bigleaf maples. Check out the river along the way, and take a dip if you're feeling brave. As you make your way up the trail you'll notice the vibrant array of green colors in the lush forest surrounding the river.

The name "Twin Falls" is rather misleading, for the cascades that spill through a narrow gorge the Snoqualmie River carves out are truly made up of three distinctive drops. From the west trailhead you'll first approach the largest of the three, a 135-foot-tall laced waterfall that you can view from a man-made wooden perch hanging 150 feet above the river below. Hike an additional 0.2 miles to reach the Twin Fall Canyon Bridge that overlooks the two-tiered middle drop. Hike another 0.3 miles up a switchback to take in an a higher view of the middle drop and peer into the gorge that creates the upper falls.

Located within Olallie State Park, the area was previously known as Twin Fall Natural Area and Twin Falls State Park until 1977, when the eastern 210 acres were added to create the larger park. The word "olallie," used for natural landmarks throughout the Pacific Northwest, is derived from the Chinook vernacular word meaning "berry."

Note: Twin Falls can also be accessed from the Homestead Valley Trailhead located off of exit 38.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Washington Discovery Pass


Three major waterfalls. Old-growth forest. Kid-friendly hike.


Weekend crowds. Sound of adjacent freeway.

Trailhead Elevation

370.00 ft (112.78 m)


Bird watching
Big vistas
Old-growth forest


Nearby Lodging + Camping


Easy to Moderate hike, except for a couple of stretches where you gain some elevation. For most part of the hike, the trail is alongside the river and under the shade of trees for most part of the journey. Therefore, you can continuously hear the burble. Half way through , a trail off the main trail( on your right ) takes you down to the river which is a good spot to sit down and relax on the rocks.
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