Pets allowed
Not Allowed
Elevation Gain
5,387.00 ft (1,641.96 m)
Trail type
19.10 mi (30.74 km)
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Located off Highway 101 near Lake Crescent, the Seven Lakes Loop trailhead is a 19.1-mile loop-style trail with stunning panoramic views, beautiful turquoise lakes, and magnificent wildflowers If you are one of the few people able to obtain an overnight pass through the park website, that is certainly the most enjoyable way to hike this trail. Rounding off at about 12 hours in total this trail is not easy and is best when broken up into 2-3 days. Nevertheless, if you do not have the liberty of camping overnight this trail is certainly doable in one day but make sure to get started early so you can watch the sunrise on the trail, and make it back before sundown. 

Before getting started on the trail you need to make sure you have a couple of essential items, the first being enough water, as this trail is just under 20 miles with about 5,000 feet of elevation gain it is certainly not easy. Be sure to start with water and bring a filtration device if you refill your containers through the natural springs and lakes along the way. Second, be sure to pack something to protect you from the sun and some sunscreen. Once you make it near the top of the mountain, trees tend to grow scarce and it is incredibly easy to get a sunburn. Next make sure you pack along or apply a layer of mosquito spray before you start the hike, depending on the time of year the mosquitos here will most likely be terrible and will eat you alive if you forget this. Lastly, make sure you do not forget your bear spray, this is a must to ensure your safety and those in your group, while bears are not always abundant on the trail it is not something you want to leave at home if you happen to run into one. 

So, with all the basics covered now we are ready to get started, make sure you arrive at the camping spot early to get a good parking spot and beat the heat. Once you start the trail you will stumble across Sul Doc Falls just under a mile after the beginning of the hike. This waterfall is amazing and is a great spot for pictures and gives you time to glance around at the amazing forest you are in. For the next five or so miles you will be at a constant incline which is not too difficult and provides amazing views as you make your way out of the forest and near the top of the peaks. 

Once you arrive at mile 6.5, you are met with a junction where you can climb about a mile and a half down into the Seven Lakes basin or continue straight where you ascend one more peak and then begin your climb down the mountain. For those who have the time and are willing to hike the extra incline going into the basin is certainly worth it. The lakes are crystal clear with beautiful peaks in the background and definitely worth the trip if you are looking for a spot to camp or have the energy to do so. Using the AllTrails guide will take you back up the same route you went down, so if you are going down to the basin for a look around then there is a route which you will stay to the right and that way you do not have to add back the extra incline. 

After exiting the Basin you will be surrounded by panoramic views of the surrounding peaks in Olympic National Park, including an amazing view of Mt. Olympus. This stunning viewpoint is surrounded by wildflowers creating the perfect spot to stop for a late snack or to take some beautiful pictures. Upon reaching the viewpoint, you will begin your ascent down the trail, although the trail is not steep the next ten miles are a constant downhill trek so be careful and watch your footing so you do not fall. 

Finally, once you reach about mile 16 this will, for the most part, conclude your downhill journey, the rest of the way is rather flat and will take you on a majestic walk through the forest. As you walk through the forest you will notice the amazing variety of trees and other plants which make up the vast diverse landscape. While the forest makes a great place to stop for a snack there will most likely be a ton of mosquitoes in the area so be sure to keep moving or keep applying bug spray so you don't have to deal with those pesky mosquitoes. Then finally after about 20 miles, you should find your way back to the bottom of the trailhead. Once you return to your car, rehydrate and change into more comfortable footwear as your feet are probably worn out from all the exercise you have been doing.

Logistics + Planning

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Parking Pass

National Park Pass

Open Year-round





Panoramic Views. Alpine Lakes. Wildflowers.



Trailhead Elevation

1,689.00 ft (514.81 m)

Highest point

5,699.00 ft (1,737.06 m)


Vault toilet
Near lake or river
Backcountry camping
Family friendly
Guided tours
Big Game Watching

Typically multi-day


Permit required




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