Dirty Socks Hot Spring

Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, California

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Dirty Socks Hot Spring


  • The short gravel road to the spring from Highway 190.- Dirty Socks Hot Spring
  • Signs of use remain, however current conditions can be pretty uninviting.- Dirty Socks Hot Spring
  • The pool is in a picturesque area at the southern end of Owens Dry Lake.- Dirty Socks Hot Spring
  • Water flows from the spring pool through a small ditch into an adjacent pond.- Dirty Socks Hot Spring
  • The pond is popular for migratory birds.- Dirty Socks Hot Spring
  • Algae buildup can be a factor in the spring's unappealing appearance.- Dirty Socks Hot Spring
  • Dirty Socks Hot Spring.- Dirty Socks Hot Spring
Overview + Weather
Adjacent to the road. Great views.
Trashed. Full of algae.
Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, CA
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Not Required
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Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

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Dirty Socks Hot Spring is a warm spring - approximately 90 degrees - at the edge of the dry Owens Lake near the town of Olancha. At one time it was a soakable concrete pool that was designated and maintained as a county park. Currently, however, there are only a few remains of its county park past, and it has definitely not seen any maintenance in awhile.

The springs flow out into a large round pool and eventually flow from the pool's edge into a nearby pond. There is broken glass in the dirt surrounding the spring, as well as some on the bottom of the pool.

Though soaking is possible, the algae that collects on the pool's surface and the broken glass on the concrete bottom make it unappealing as a place to soak. The spring pool and adjacent pond are a stop for migratory birds, and birdwatchers and enthusiasts often use the area.

For those looking to soak, bringing something to skim the algae from the water's surface and shoes to wear while in the water to protect yourself from stepping on glass may go a long way. At 90 degrees, pool may better act as a spot to cool down on a hot Mojave afternoon rather than a soakable warm tub experience.

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