Pets allowed
Allowed with Restrictions
Elevation Gain
3,025.00 ft (922.02 m)
Trail type
22.90 mi (36.85 km)
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Located east of Phoenix, Arizona, this is a 23-mile out-and-back route that explores the Red Tanks Trail #107 in the Superstition Wilderness. Red Tanks Trail #107 is located in a remote area and cannot be accessed by car from either end. The trail runs north and west from Dripping Springs to where it connects to the Dutchman Trail #104. It goes through Red Tanks Canyon, climbs to the Red Tanks Divide, and follows LaBarge Creek across Upper LaBarge Box. Red Tanks Trail #107 can be reached in a couple of ways, the route described here starts from the Peralta Trailhead, which is one of the most common starting points. 

This challenging hike includes scenic backcountry campsites, deep canyons, jagged peaks, cacti, and native desert plants. A true desert, it is stark and unforgiving as well as stunningly beautiful. There are sections with expansive views and well-maintained trails, as well as sections where the trail seems to be hidden somewhere beneath thick desert shrubs where it seems like there is no escape from the Catclaw Acacia grabbing onto your clothes and scratching at your skin (shorts are not recommended for this trek). 

In the heart of the Superstition Wilderness, Red Tanks Trail #107 leads to several other trails and canyons worth exploring. The route is best suited for experienced hikers comfortable with backcountry navigation who are looking for a scenic challenge.


From Peralta Trailhead, take Dutchman Trail #104 east to Coffee Flat Trail #108. Take Coffee Flat Trail #108 to Red Tanks Canyon / Dripping Springs. 

From Dripping Springs, turn left and follow the creekbed north through Red Tanks Canyon. In this section, the trail can be difficult to find and it is easy to go the wrong way, heading into Randolph Canyon instead of remaining in Red Tanks Canyon.

Following Red Tanks Canyon, the route ascends to Red Ranks Divide. The trail descends past Brad's Canyon before reaching Upper LaBarge Creek and Hoolie Bacon Trail #111. The trail then heads west across Upper LaBarge Box to Whiskey Spring Canyon. It continues northwest through LaBarge Canyon until it connects with Dutchman Trail #104. 

Retrace your steps back to Peralta Trailhead from Dutchman Trail #104.


  • Mechanized and/or motorized travel is prohibited.

  • No more than 15 people are allowed to be in a group. 

  • No more than 15 heads of livestock are allowed in a group.

  • Horses are not recommended on this trail. 

This route takes place within the Superstition Wilderness, which is subject to certain Wilderness restrictions. Respecting these regulations is crucial for the future of this beautiful ecosystem and the plants and animals that live there. 


Many water sources in this area are seasonal and unreliable. Make sure you do adequate research, contact a nearby park ranger in advance, and prepare to carry sufficient water with you. 


Large parking area with bathrooms. The lot fills up fast and it is best to try and arrive early. 


Dispersed camping is allowed within the Superstition Wilderness and Backcountry permits are not required for overnight camping.


USFS - Red Tanks Trail #107

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Parking Pass


Open Year-round





Solitude. Adventure. Wilderness.


Catclaw Acacia.

Trailhead Elevation

2,375.00 ft (723.90 m)

Highest point

3,581.00 ft (1,091.49 m)


Backcountry camping
Big vistas
Geologically significant

Typically multi-day


Permit required



Nearby Lodging + Camping

Superstition Mountains Area, Mesa, Arizona
Superstition Mountains Area, Mesa, Arizona
Superstition Mountains Area, Mesa, Arizona


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