Dramatic Fjord Formations

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Dramatic Fjord Formations


  • An information sign along Snæfellsnesvegur.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • The Grundarfiord Bay and North Atlantic.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Looking east to Grundarfjörður.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Looking down to the base of the falls towards the fjord. Dynjandi.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Looking across Dynjandisvogur to the bay.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Mountains to the south from Djupivogur Campground.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • A field for tents overlooks the marina at Djupivogur Campground.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Coniferous trees along the eastern field edge of Djupivogur Campground.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Camp alongside beautiful fjordal scenery.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Welcome to Seyðisfjörður.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • The observation platform over the gorge.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Hraunfossar and the Hallmundarhraun lava field.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Akureyri to the north.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • View the fjords from high above Akureyri on Sulur.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Kirkjufellsfoss from the middle of the river.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Visitors can spend hours watching the activity in the bay. - Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Quarry Rock.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Quarry Rock is a hot spot for hikers. - Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • View from Jefferson Ridge east to Green and Gold Mountain and the Cascade Range beyond.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Looking southeast from Jefferson Ridge over the Hood Canal toward Mount Rainier (14,409 ft).- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Views of Lake Willoughby from Mount Pisgah.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Views looking north at Lake Willoughby from Mount Pisgah.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Ferry on Western Brook Pond near the long range traverse.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Western Brook Pond, Labrador.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • The beginning of the Long Range Traverse after being dropped off by the ferry on Western Brook Pond.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • Near the long range traverse: The twin towns of Norris Point, left, and Bonne Bay, with the Tablelands in the distance.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • The view from Storm King Mountain to the south.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • The view to the north from the Storm King Mountain summit lookout.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • The North Point summit in Storm King State Park.- Dramatic Fjord Formations
  • The first viewpoint up the path along the North Ridge Trail in Storm King State Park.- Dramatic Fjord Formations

Formed by glacial erosion, fjords are majestic, narrow bodies of water that will leave you with your jaw hanging and your sense of adventure on overload. Typically found in rugged, mountainous climates where the peaks seemingly drop right into the sea, these incredible natural wonders offer unparalleled opportunities for recreation and sightseeing.

Typically fjords found in places like Alaska, British Columbia, Chile, Greenland, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, and Washington state. If you have spent much time exploring the waterways and steeps of these regions, you know how incredible these landscapes are first hand.

The word fjord has Norwegian roots, which is no surprise given the prevalence of these features in Scandinavian landscapes. If you find yourself making a water crossing on one of these lake-like bodies of water, you might also think of how the word evolved into the English word ford, meaning to cross.

Whatever you call them and whether you choose to cross them in a boat or take in the view from a mountaintop high above, experiencing fjords for yourself is definitely something to add to your bucket list. From the mountainous landscape that towers over most fjords to the calm, sheltered waters, there is nothing about them that is short of epic.

Of course, the most iconic fjords are in Scandinavia, and if you find yourself with the opportunity to explore these, go for it. If you are looking for a fjord adventure a little closer to home, below we have a few North American fjords listed alongside some international destinations.


North America


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