Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
450.00 m (1,476.38 ft)
Trail type
9.00 km (5.59 mi)
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Mount Seymour sits at the west end of Vancouver's North Shore Mountains between Lynn Valley and the Indian Arm, and it is Vancouver's gateway to backcountry hiking. Now a ski resort, Mount Seymour remained un-climbed until 1908 when it was summited by the B.C. Mountaineering club. The potential for winter and summer activities on the mountain was soon recognized, but the Great Depression put a quick halt to that. The resort was established years later in 1984, and the park was created for all to enjoy. 

There are a number of trails and destinations in the park, the Mount Seymour summit being one. The trailhead starts from the parking lot at the base of the Mystery Peak chairlift, but it quickly leads off the main ski slope and into the woods. The trail climbs fairly gently past the resort and up to Brockton Point for the first of many lookouts. From here you have a view of the First Peak, the city below, and all the way to Vancouver Island on clear days. The trail winds around to the backside of the mountain through alpine meadows and natural amphitheaters that are full of bright red and orange vegetation in the fall.

First Peak is wide open and sits above a large plateau full of canyons and chutes that are great for exploring. Hikers often choose to end their trek here with the beautiful 360-degree views, but the same trail descends a little bit before climbing up to the Second Peak for a slightly different vantage at a higher elevation. From Second Peak, the summit comes into view. Only 500 meters further the trail again dips down in elevation before climbing to the summit. The trail is steepest and at its most rugged between the summits. Once you are at the top you'll be surrounded by valleys and mountains, fresh air, and a great places to sit and rest with a snack.

The trail up is the trail down. Traversing back over the peaks is technical in some sections. Stay on the main trail, as some leading edges have large drops and big consequences. You will loose the sunlight as you descend past the First Peak, but the trails are wide and well marked with trail posts and markers that direct you back to the resort. 

In just a few hours you can get from the city to the mountains and back. Whether you are out for a full day or just want to catch some fresh air and amazing views after work, the Mount Seymour Summit Hike is a perfect choice.

Logistics + Planning

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Parking Pass

Not Required


Close to the city. 360-degree view.


Many hikers on the weekends.

Trailhead Elevation

3,280.84 ft (1,000.00 m)


Bird watching
Big vistas
Old-growth forest
Geologically significant


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