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Elle Ossello | 11.19.2018

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that mean the most. While we’re always proponents of massive, ostentatious wrapping tactics, our intention for the season is to gift everyone on our list things they will love and use for seasons of adventures to come. Whether your list is filled with surfers, runners, skiers, or outdoorsy in-laws, we’ve found an excellent, budget-friendly gift option that you can wrap and throw in your suitcase. 

Gifts under $10

For the hiker/runner/skier.

PackTowel Nano™ Camp Towel: A tiny yet super absorbent towel that knows no end to versatility regardless of the season. This little guy can be used as a quick sweat rag on a long hike, a ski goggle polisher, a sweatband, and a small place to sit. Learn more and buy here.

For the fisherwoman/man. 

Gamakatsu® Extra-Wide-Gap Short-Shank Treble Hooks: We bet you didn’t know that there was a hook engineered to be superior at both hooking and resisting riverbed snagging. Gamakatsu has a number of excellent choices varying in price. Learn more and buy here.

For the backpacker. 

Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl: Though we would never balk at hot food after a long day, freeze-dried always takes a little warming up to at the start of a trip. Not the MH fajita bowl, though. Gift them this, and they’ll be fending off the rest of the crew at dinnertime. Learn more and buy here.

For the Outdoor Project adventure fan.

We have a lot of great goodies in the Outdoor Project General Store that work perfectly for stuffing stockings, including our Iron-On Embroidered Patch and our Bison Transfer Sticker. Now everyone in the family can rep the bison! Learn more and buy here.

Gifts under $25

For the skier/snowshoer/hiker.

Skida Tour Headband/Neckwarmer: We’re convinced that one can never have too many neckwarmers. They can use it to wick sweat on the hike up the hill and pull it over their ears and neck to protect from powder slashes on the way down. Plus, the color and pattern options are considered and widely varied. Learn more and buy here.

For the drink lover.

Outdoor Project + Stanley Insulated Pint: We promise this isn't just a sale gimmick, but we use these cups for everything. The 16oz pint keeps beverages cold for 4 hours, iced for 15 hours, or hot for 45 minutes - plus, we have the exclusive 2018 Block Party Festival designs in stock right now! Learn more and buy here.

For the hiker/snowshoer/fisherwoman.

Darn Tough Nobo Micro Crew Cushion Sock: Merino wool + cushy bottom + one of the best names in the industry. 'Nuff said. Learn more and buy here.

Gifts under $50

For the backpacker.

MSR PocketRocket® 2: We didn’t think the original could get any better. We were wrong in the best way. With wind resistance, an even flame, and a super small size, they’ll use it for years to come. Learn more and buy here.

For the flyfisherwoman/man.

UMPQUA UPG HD Large Fly Box: The tough, see-through, super easy-to-open (even with gloves) design makes this a winner in our book, even for the pickiest fly fishing guru on your list. Learn more and buy here.

For the traveler.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System: No complicated assembly, no pumping bicep workout, no unnecessary carrying case, and water you can unquestioningly trust. It makes other water filtration systems look like they’re from the stone age. Learn more and buy here.

Gifts for Under $75

For the dusk-patroller.

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp: They can take on the rain and the dark with Black Diamond’s most innovative headlamp. It’s completely waterproof, rechargeable, and doles out 300 lumens. Learn more and buy here.

For the backpacker.

Snow Peak Ti-Mini Solo Combo Camp Cook Set 2.0: The bells and whistles in this cook set put all others to shame. They’ll love the silicone tabs, streamlined handle design, and super even cooking. Learn more and buy here.

For the snoozer.

Hummingbird Ultralight Single Hammock: Weighs in less than a lemon, packs down to the size of a coffee mug, and holds 300 pounds. Winning. Learn more and buy here.

Gifts for Under $100

For the survivalist.

CRKT Freyr™ Tactical Axe: This small, powerful, packable axe is a star in the backcountry. It has many different uses, from pounding stakes to shaving kindling to taking a bite out of a big log. Learn more and buy here.

For the road tripper.

America the Beautiful Pass: Cover their entrance fees at national park and national wildlife refuges for the entire year. This pass also covers standard amenity/day use fees at national forests and grasslands, on BLM land, Bureau of Reclamation, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land. Learn more and buy here.

For the renaissance man/woman.

Leatherman Wave® Multi-tool: Leatherman’s most popular multi-tool is the gift they’ll keep around for years and will get them out of a few pinches along the way. Learn more and buy here.

Gifts for Under $150

For the powder hound.

Dakine Super Tune Ski/Snowboard Wax Kit: Make sure they’re prepared for all the pow to come with this complete wax kit. It is equipped with everything they’ll need to wax, tune, sharpen, and polish. Learn more and buy here.

For the coffee hound.

Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System: Even if they have a PocketRocket®, it’s nearly impossible to keep them happier than to have breakfast cooking and hot water continuously on tap for bottomless, steamy pour over refills. Learn more and buy here.

For the surfer.

Vestal Brig Tide and Train Watch: This waterproof and scratch-resistant watch features tide, sunrise and sunset data for 200 beaches worldwide. Learn more and buy here.


For more great stocking stuffer ideas, make sure to check out the Outdoor Project Store.

Free shipping on all orders of $30 or more - and through the end of December 2018, 20% of sales proceeds will be donated to Big City Mountaineers, a nonprofit that provides under-resourced youth with the opportunity to have transformative experiences in the outdoors. 


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