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Jill Sanford | 11.26.2017

Los Angeles is a city that was practically made for adventurers. Nestled between mountains and southern California’s epic coastline, there is no shortage of hikes, surf breaks, parks, and other outdoor activities to be found here.

Unfortunately for most of us, the daily hustle and grind means that we don’t get to take advantage of this city’s epic opportunities for outdoor recreation as much as we would like to. And that’s where the microadventure comes in.

The microadventure, a term that has been gaining steam in the world of outdoor recreation, describes a short and sweet outing that can be easily fit into a workday, doesn’t involve too much travel or money to make happen, and fulfills that part of each of us that just needs to get outside and be wild.

Luckily for L.A. residents and visitors, this city is practically overflowing with them. From urban parks and coastal boardwalks to mountain vistas and trails that get the heart pumping, there are plenty of easily accomplished adventures that can be squeezed in before work, during rush hour, or on a weekend without leaving town.

Here are 15 of our favorite microadventures in L.A. to inspire you to get outside and get after it.

Give these a try as soon as you can. It will feel great to squeeze a quick run, a leisurely walk, a paddle, or even a sunset picnic, no matter how urban your surroundings are. 

  1. Scramble through Rubio Canyon
  2. Listen to the waterfall at Eaton Canyon Falls Hike
  3. Hike up Echo Mountain
  4. Walk along the beach at Palisades Park
  5. Take in the people and the views of Venice Beach
  6. Have a waterfront picnic at Franklin Canyon Park
  7. Run around with your favorite four-legged friend at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park
  8. Look for wildlife at Runyon Canyon Park
  9. Discover southern California's most interesting coastal rock formations at El Matador State Beach
  10. Gaze out over the city from the iconic Hollywood Sign
  11. Rent a bike or go for a trail run at Griffith Park 
  12. Go underground in the Bronson Caves
  13. Have an urban adventure while exploring Sunken City
  14. Go for a dip in Hermit Falls
  15. See the best tide pools in L.A. at White Point - Royal Palms Beach Park


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