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Jill Sanford | 08.11.2017

When you hear the word canyon, does a vast and mountainous northern Utah landscape come to mind? Or is it a lush, fern covered creek in the Northwest? Or are you like most Americans, and the word brings up images of the iconic Grand Canyon National Park?

Whatever springs to mind, usually the word canyon suggests a rugged and remote landscape. The dictionary definition of a canyon is, “a deep gorge, typically one with a river flowing through it.” To that we would like to add the words, “beautiful,” “inspired,” “picturesque,” “majestic,” and “wild.” Because no matter what canyon you visit, what part of the county it’s in, if it’s in a rainforest or a red rock desert, this kind of landscape is almost always one for the record books.

If you haven’t explored a canyon recently, it’s time to pull on the hiking boots, fill up the water bottle, and throw some GORP in that old knapsack. Canyons are places where you don’t just head to see an interesting view. They are the kind of landscapes that fill you with wonder until it’s sweating out your pores and oozing into your soul.

If you are ready for that kind of adventure, take a look at the list below to find your next canyon excursion.

On a more serious note, monsoon season in the Southwest peaks during the late summer each year. Before you venture out into the canyon of your choice, read Canyoneering USA’s advice on staying safe during a Flash Flood as well as our piece on monsoon safety.









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