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Jill Sanford | 08.06.2017

British Columbia is a treasure trove of outdoor adventures. Many prospective visitors associate B.C. with wild and remote outdoor destinations, but the truth is you really don’t have to get very far away from urban areas to enjoy the rugged natural beauty of this province.

North Vancouver is a separate city that's located...yep, you guessed it...just north of Vancouver. It's an ideal base camp for experiencing a variety of adventures. Whether you stay in town or camp a little closer to each of the places listed below, you won’t be spending much time in the car. All these adventures are located within a short drive or ferry ride of the city, meaning more time outside and on the trails for you and your traveling companions.

Spend a week here and you still won’t have enough time to explore the entire area. We broke out these adventures by region to help you decide where to to do what during a week in this outdoor enthusiast’s dream town. For more on the area, take a look at 9 Favorite Places to Camp Near Vancouver, A Perfect Adventure Weekend In Vancouver, and 20 Amazing Adventures Near Vancouver

Across Howe Sound to the West

North on 99

Squamish Area

Urban Adventures

Mount Fromme/ Lynn Canyon


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