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Jesse Weber | 02.20.2019

You want to see the world, but where do you start? There is unquestionably a world of adventure out there too large to ever do it all, so you have to make some decisions.

Luckily, at Outdoor Project we have documented some of the world's best adventures to help inspire and plan your next international trip. These are just a few ideas to fuel your appetite for adventure. It's up to you to get out there, explore more, and make your dream trip come true.


Swimming with a whale shark in Belize's tropical waters. Amy Brown.

Beaches of Belize

If you seek a tropical paradise of islands and coral reefs, with unlimited snorkeling and diving, say, “Yes, please!” to Belize. Go explore its beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, wildlife preserves, and Mayan ruins. It’s Caribbean coast is loved by divers because the warm, blue waters are home to colorful coral and diverse sea life like turtles, dolphins, manatees, and whale sharks.

Peruvian Andes

You’ve probably heard of Machu Picchu, but that ancient Incan city is only one stop in the breathtaking (literally) Andes Mountains of Peru. The land of the Incan Empire is bejeweled with multicolored mountains, azure alpine lakes, glistening glaciers, and viridian valleys. Trails, rivers, and lakes offer multiple modes to explore these majestic mountains.


Log leanin' on the Circuito Chico in Patagonia. Lindsey Gates.


Farther south in the extensive Andes Range is the region of Patagonia, which straddles the border of Chile and Argentina. This great landscape of glaciers and granite is known for its remoteness, wilderness, howling winds, and inclement weather. It is also renowned for enchanting alpine skylines, wildlife found nowhere else, and unbeatable treks into the mountains.

Desert Safari in Namibia

You may have thought about going on safari in the Serengeti grasslands, but what about finding elephants and giraffes in the sandy Namib Desert near the ocean? There you can combine a safari with camelback riding, hike the world's tallest sand dunes, surf world-famous breaks, and explore eerie desert shipwrecks.


Bold contrasts on the desolate and volcanic terrain of Iceland. Nick Catania.


Known as the Land of Fire and Ice because of its glaciers, geysers, and volcanoes, this island near the Arctic Circle is a must-see for any lovers of landscapes. It's also offers something for just about any type of traveler, from adventure addicts to spa fanatics. In Iceland you can hike to huge waterfalls, scuba dive in the divide between two continents, trek on a glacier, or simply lounge in natural hot springs near the beach.

The French Alps

The French Alps, and specifically the mountains around Chamonix, undoubtedly make some of the most iconic alpine terrain in the world. Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Western Europe at 15,774 feet, and its surrounding summits have for centuries been a proving ground for alpinists. In addition to technical mountaineering, though, is the world-class skiing, hiking, trekking, and accommodations. Whether you dream of a full-on alpine expedition or of simply admiring the vista beside a fireplace in a mountain chalet, Chamonix has it all.


Prayer flags and suspension bridges are many in the world's highest mountain range. Emily Pennington.

Trekking the Himalaya

The Himalaya is the world's greatest mountain range, containing not only the world's tallest mountain, but most of the planet's 50 tallest mountains. The Himalaya is much more than just sky-scraping summits, however, and it's terrain is not just for hardcore mountaineers. The forested valleys, tumbling rivers, and sweeping glaciers among the mountains are prime for adventure by any type of traveler, and the isolated villages in between are welcoming to all trekkers who reach them.

Jungles of Cambodia

Southeast Asia is famous for steamy, mountainous jungles and blissful, sandy beaches. It is also the cradle of some very ancient and interesting history. There is an endless amount to explore, but one of the best places to experience it all is Cambodia. You can relax on the beaches at its coast then head to the interior to witness millennium-old temples hidden in the jungle. Even after so many years of tropical weathering, their artistry and intricacy will wow you. Apart from the temples, there is a bounty of outdoor adventures to be had among the cities, roads, trails, and rivers of Cambodia.


Stunning mountain terrain on the Milford Track. Kevin Murray.

New Zealand

For outdoor adventures, New Zealand very nearly has it all—ocean shores, inviting beaches, thick forest, deep gorges, raging rivers, serene lakes, incredible trails, and snowy mountains—within a very compact area. On South Island you can go surfing and snowboarding within just a few hours. If you're into trekking, paddling, bikepacking, road tripping, or just about anything else, it's all right there as well.


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