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Denis LeBlanc | 11.09.2017

Sedona has long had a reputation for exerting a mystical attraction for people. Reputed to be the site of a major “energy vortex” and extraterrestrial activity, Sedona draws more than its share of what might be considered a fringe crowd. For the outdoor enthusiast, though, Sedona’s attraction is more concrete and undeniable.

The area has much to offer residents and visitors with a wide range of adventurous tastes. Mountain bikers, hikers, rock climbers and even those who want to explore without venturing far from their vehicles can all find adventures galore here.  The town is bordered on all sides by spectacular red rock desert country. Unique formations with names like Cathedral Rock and Devils Bridge tower over canyons and washes. The pink sand and beautiful desert vegetation add to the charm of the country around Sedona.

Mountain biking

Like Moab in Utah, Sedona is a mountain biker’s mecca with lots of local services including equipment rentals, guides and the inevitable repair technicians. Some of the most popular and spectacular trails include:

  • West Sedona Tour (13.1 miles, intermediate)
  • Chuckwagon - Mescal - Long Canyon (9.1 miles, intermediate)
  • Cathedral Rock Big Loop (12.3 miles, moderately difficult)
  • Broken Arrow (1.5 miles, difficult)
  • Hangover Loop (8.2 miles, extremely difficult)


Sedona is a hiker’s dream. The red rock country is gorgeous and there are hikes for all abilities. Some of the outstanding trails:

Rock climbing

Sedona offers many great routes for rock climbers, including over 330 named routes. The rock can be soft and some of the routes are inconsistent but there are many great adventures to be found. Highly-rated routes include Dr. Rubo's Wild Ride, Mars Attacks, Mission to Mars, the Queen Victoria and Coyote Tower.

Special destinations

Sedona offers some great adventures for those interested in history and human culture. The national monuments of Tuzigoot and Montezuma’s Castle are both sites of ancient ruins and artifacts from the pre-Columbian cultures.

The Jerome historic site covers some more recent history, specifically the mining industry and how it brought wealth and settlement, but also environmental degradation, to this area in the late 1800s. Red Rock State Park, Dead Horse Ranch State Park and Crescent Moon Ranch are nice parks that offer great views, picnic facilities and playgrounds for families.


For those who are looking to spend a few days exploring the many ways to enjoy Sedona, there are many camping options. Check out the primitive campgrounds up Oak Creek Canyon like Manzanita and Pine Flat, our you can opt for the more developed Dead Horse Ranch State Park Campground.


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